Society had collapsed!

A long and frustrating dream.
Society had collapsed. Everyone headed for the country which became quite crowded. A stereotypical bad person came along to our camp and tried to forcefully recruit the males. They resisted. One elderly person got their head chopped off and shortly after that the bad dude was overpowered and began whimpering.

Next, I’m headed into a dingy shopping centre complex that seemed to be bustling. I was separated from my family and seemed to be doing circles of the complex. Here, the complex had a predominantly dark orange tinge. As night was falling, the police moved in and tried to force everyone away. Apparently salt water (or something) was causing the complex’s structural integrity to weaken. The police seemed quite organised for a collapsed society.

I wound back in the building which now appeared to be a well furnished and powered apartment complex and I was offered accommodation from some dude. Here the lighting/colour cast was warm. I asked if I could charge my phone and he had a charger that fit mine. This was also good considering all utilities had not been working earlier in the dream. We could see the police searching for people in the building from our windows (they were looking for lights).

I received a voice message from <redacted> asking if I could upload some photos when I has the time. This prompted me to try to call my partner who happened to be <redacted>, but in the dream looked nothing like her. The phone would not even connect. I put that down to me using Telstra, and she Optus.

Eventually we had to leave the apartment for some reason and at this point, the dream gets too fuzzy to recall.


Nasty Hallway Viewing

I was watching women running forward through a dormitory corridor. The camera was on their face. Every so often (at regular intervals) then women would be snared in some sort of trap.

The view could be described as FPS, but reversed.

They would drop out of view as the mechanism killed them. After about four or five of these I tried to avert my gaze as it was getting too much for me.

The traps seemed to be similar to those portrayed in the movie Cube.

Unsporting Predators

Something about Predators in a more Klingon type environment.  They appeared to have abducted me (though I was female and viewing this all from third person).

I was in a rusted metal rack, being forced backwards by chains so they could chop off my head.  Not very sporting I was thinking.

A black a white cat just out of kitten hood was wandering past to the left (of my view which was from in front of the rack).  The cat appeared to be a pet.

When my head was chopped off I then appeared as an energy being and smote them all.

Next up I’m talking to a “female” Predator asking if they had sexes.  Apparently they did not. After asking how they reproduced, I was informed a bit of their hair would fall off and then grow to a new being.  I wanted to ask how many orifices they had.

This conversation took place in a supermarket while in the medical section while browsing for condoms (or sports gel?) with cyclists on the packaging.

Strange repeating dream with an infinity stone and green glowing eyes

Seige movie. Large room reminiscent of the Churchill Binishell. Setup with computer desks.

Some guard/invader was very personable before he shot a kid to make a point.
Need to print computer specs. Vic Police helicopter did a flyby and was spinning around wildly.

Computers off desks. All in room on floor watching a boring documentary. I only had my underpants on.

Dream seemed to repeat.

Then I was at my parents’ house. I had a lenses on it a black puck (I cannot read my scribble!) The bad guys had been looking for it.

The cube melted and an infinity stone was now in a rubber glove. Rather than hand it over, I put the glove on as my eyes glowed green.

The swat team never arrived. Me taking control of the stone meant the siege initiators left peacefully and amicably.

Not sure what was going on here…

Scientist. CRISPR injection. Superhuman. Seemed to be simultaneously chered? / not by the guy so he could upgrade me. This did not make a whole lot of sense given I was fully supportive of his work.

There seemed to be a split observation of events going on here.

Over time, more and more in the sim white corridored complex were becoming cloned (for want of a better description). White coat tall.

Gelled white hair “mowhaked”. The main antagonist had shiny black pants/leggings/ At one point “trapped in hallway”. In alcove with fire extinguisher. Thought of braining one of the pursuers with it.

Strange slug creature and a murderer

Police officer confronts murderer. Asks where the bodies are. Murderer opens up car boot. Rummages around, spins around and throws a slug creature at the police officer.


Slug creature burrows into victim and eats him/her/it away from the inside.


The police officer had difficulty breathing and after about a minute, rapidly shrunk and was deposited next to four to six other consumed bodies.


This explained where the bodies went.

One thought track had them still alive. Other track investigated the murderer. He was immune to the slugs, though deformed it it/them.

Went to a card game. Holes in side of head where either the slug had been removed or was hiding.

Third party observation.

It’s a road trip!

My old group of friends drove to Wangaratta and then we came back to Melbourne for some reason. I drove, while simultaneously not driving while the rest had their own car.
The main concern here was needed it to get back to Wangaratta so I could collect my car (which I’d driven to the party) so this did not make a lot of sense.

I think the next bit was part of the above dream. <redacted> had spat a big globby into someone’s face and I told him that was unacceptable.

He got out of the back seat of what appeared to be a 1970’s Valiant and tried to chest me. He was light and thin. I managed to overpower him. After that, he was pleasant though he did say, while we were sitting at what appeared to be a Tiki Bar, that he could spit in my face right now.

I replied that would be ill advised as I’d smash his head against the wall and cave it in.
No idea why this dream has people acting out of character.

A strange paranormal dream and then a boring one

Dream 1

Council of Witches is approving an attack on something I ran.. Discussion on how that have never been allowed. Consent given in the end. 3rd party view.

Necked seen. My Nannas old house (on the outside) they were little different. Modern on the inside. The attackers announce themselves. Someone commented that he must be working alone as the Counsil of Witches would never approve an attack.

Something about living surveillance things leaving red smudges on the walls when we deployed them.

We switch to mics on the fibreglass poles which were flung into the  gutter.

Something about deoying someone who would listen in on the attackers and whatever was heard would be sent directly to a screen and converted to text.

Me outside crawling. Throw one of the listening device is around the corner at the back of the house.

I hear “amateurish” and a big burly guy comes around the corner holding the listing device (we called them dogs by the way).

I grabbed him by the neck from the back. He pulled out a box cutter blade and demonstrates how (in various ways) he could cut me. I squeeze harder.

I wind up with his gun in my left hand and holding the blade between my thumb and index finger in my right.

He retreats along with the rest.

I go inside. Modern kitchen. Resembling the inside of an ex girlfriends family friends place in Perth (but not really). Something something. I say “at least we scored another gun”.

Dream 2

Talking to someone about how I never buy anything for price from Kathmandu.

See this jacket? $400 for the plebs. $139 for me as girlfriends friends daughter works there.

Also bought my tent at half price for $400.

Thought about my travel toiletry bag which I think I pay full price for.

In the real world I’ve recently looked at a  Kathmandu catalogue.

An “Action” Dream, A non existant ex and a short work dream

Dream 1

Big glass elevator (big as shipping container). Some evildoers of some description were doing something.

I wound up kicking the sides, breaking a cable and getting it off the rails.

By now (magically I guess) I had a team of two and we were out of the elevator Ascending stairs to the roof so we could descend to the shaft and capture the nastiest.

On top of the roof we got some weapons. I chose a very plastic and colourful hedge trimmer.

We were surprised to see the elevator at the top of the building (outside the shaft) so it must’ve been in a precarious position.

We boarded and started arresting bad people.

The roof now was a ballroom or something full of people (previously it was a dull grey and wet expanse of roof).

Some of the ballroom people were taking exception to us dealing with the criminals. I asked them for six sets of handcuffs. That will take care of those I was arresting. (There were more which the rest of my team was dealing with). I asked if they might have ankle cuffs. They did not.

In between boarding the elevator and the stickie beaky people, The criminal leader had tried to get me, but my hedge trimmer made him retreat. Did no damage however and cut as well as it looked (it looked like a toy).

Dream 2

I was at a dance or something. When my friend said “Carol” was interested in me and have been my first girlfriend. That was news to me.

I did not recognise the name or the look.

I set down next to her in order to strike up a conversation and she got up and moved away.

Next, some 5 to 10-year-old darkly skinned kid was telling me how he approves of me.

The telepathically transmitted information was that he was the offspring of me and Carol.

I not make much sense logically dream. I’m pretty sure I’ve never dated a Carol in real life.

Dream 3

I was seated at my old desk and my manager was loitering with an envelope. He was eager for me to open it. When I got off a call he shoulder surfed while I opened the envelope and it was a credit card renewal.

Concerned About Capture

I was in a suburban street. Two children were being unruly. Eventually they got too unruly so I snapped the neck of one and disposed of the other one by methods unknown. There was one witness. I attempted to track them down. I was concerned the witness would dob me in. I was relieved when I woke up as incarceration would’ve been inconvenient.