Concerned About Capture

I was in a suburban street. Two children were being unruly. Eventually they got too unruly so I snapped the neck of one and disposed of the other one by methods unknown. There was one witness. I attempted to track them down. I was concerned the witness would dob me in. I was relieved when I woke up as incarceration would’ve been inconvenient.

Negative War Dream

Some sort of war theme. I rolled up late to camp. My platoon was dressed up in field kit – heavy woollen ochre/olive and we were about to be shipped out to Vietnam? Europe? Or some strange melding of the two.

The mood was not positive.

A bit of a strange one

Began as a scene from Continuum in a post apocalyptic setting. Kiera was geared up and was telling a blonde and possibly her daughter that she must leave to search for something.
Net it switches to a HUD and both K and the B have red circles around them which then have red crosses that sort of slide in/focus is the circles.

POV of “gremlin”. Gun gun. Looks like the Stausman puppet. Big ray gun. Shot hole in chest of a fat guy at top of stairs. I try shooting it with regular gun. It gets to the kitchen. I wind up with the gun. Shoot holes in counter. Shoot bigger hole in counter. Switch to max and a cat gets in the way. It explodes in a puff of fit. Gun out of power. Double adapt it into a power board as charger would not fit on gun. Not sure if killed gremlin or not as not sure if dream continued after that.

Duck and Cover

I was somewhere where a nuke was about to go off (USA).  Up the hallway was Russia, so I ran up there and “duck & covered” while repeating “there’d better be life after death”.  No white out. No thunderous noise.  No detonation.