Penis vs a party balloon

I cannot remember much other than I’d gone back in time to enhance myself and now my penis looked like a party balloon.20170807_dream_image.JPG


Time travel app on my phone / alien invasion

I was using an app on my phone to pluck people from different times. It was (gone blank).

I wanted to see an Egyptian so I use the app “timeline explorer” and I got a cat with sparse hair, bumpy skin and patterning like a serval. it had a modern registration tag on its right ankle.

When I tried to send it back, the history in the app did not show the regional travel information.

Fires fires and there is an alien invasion. Some idiot is put in charge. Flying (as in I need to dream style) is banned.

I (and somebody else) kidnap this guy and put them in A guitar case. They go berserk as they are afraid of the dark.

We ponder if it would be better to go back 10 months and kill him. Probably do no good as aliens find someone else to do “rule”.

More sparse recollections

Dream 1:
Something about an orgy.
Dream 2:
Time traveling.  The time machine was in my smart phone.  I decided to go into the future to get the next lot of winning lottery numbers.  Seemed I did not go far enough and then I was trying to keep my presence hidden from someone (maybe the time police).

It’s a Time Travel Dream, Biatch! Urrrrp.

I went shopping for a car and kept being directed to a silver 4 door Ferrari, but I was after a stainless steel Lamborghini as that would be able to be fitted with a. Flux capacitor nicely. When I got that back to my garage (which was more like a cell) there was a wall panel time machine already built. A mix of Doc Brown and Rick Sanchez sent themselves a minute into the future.

Discussions about how we could build a device with limited computing power and how the wall panel machine worked with regards to subject retrieval. Also a discussion on what would happen if subject reappeared where there was an object in the sample place- apparently a big nuclear sized explosion. I guess objects did not include atoms making up air.

Also to finalize the touch pad of the wall mount, the buttons were 3D printed. I slotted the final white clear/opaque 4 buttons into the rest of the pad.

Time Travel App

*dream 1*

I was test driving a 400cc and 600cc motorcycle. The 400 was gutless.  The 600 was not too bad

*dream 2*

I had a time machine app.  After faffing around with some travel I was wondering what I could do next.

07/05/1992 Whacky dream this one

A group of us were in a van with explosives and stuff. We were on a dirt road in a forest and some cave men came after us. They were brought from the past by our enemies. After we defeated them, there were two of them. The small one pressed an abort button on a gigantic clear thing. We sped off quickly but our driver drove into a lake. I’d jumped out of the truck so I went into the swamp and pushed the truck back to dry land. I was covered with leeches. I scraped most of them off then jumped in a shower. When the big thing disappeared it went down and made a sort of ‘bohrrrr’ sound.

I did have a picture of the scene, but’s it’s been lost.