More sparse recollections

Dream 1:
Something about an orgy.
Dream 2:
Time traveling.  The time machine was in my smart phone.  I decided to go into the future to get the next lot of winning lottery numbers.  Seemed I did not go far enough and then I was trying to keep my presence hidden from someone (maybe the time police).

A Strange Way to Secure Accountancy Business / Meeting up with an Ex

Out with Angela and her boss. Apparently I’d arranged to go out for dinner with A.

It seems A and her boss were drumming up business. The Boss got A to suck a client’s (small) cock to seal the deal. When I noticed this happening, A looked sheepish.

She was gagging even though the cock was small. Apparently she found the taste not to her liking (I read that from her mind). I also wanted it to be my cock she was going gobble on.

I got all high and mighty that her boss should be doing the sucking if he wanted the deal so much. He said he wasn’t a fag.

I took photos to report the activity to ‘Work Force’. I could not get the photo to take properly as foliage was in the way and on my camera phone, everyone was appearing far away. During this, the scene had changed from a room to a park bench under a bridge and I was taking photos from about 100m away. The three departed up some steps to cross the bridge. I followed, running past passing security guards with guns and day glo vests to catch up. I was thinking the guards did not give me a second thought as I ran past them as I was not grabbing their guns.

When I caught up, I informed the Boss that I’d report him to Work Force (in my head thinking and knowing I should be saying Work Cover). The Boss said it was not him sucking the cock and I could not prove anything. I lied saying I also had an audio showing coercion. He mentioned something about a 40 000 page paper we were discussing earlier.

We then went off to an Indian restaurant that A said looked high-end (it looked like a dive to me – more like a bad Chinese eatery). A Bain-marie was out the front and the scene was alternating between a hotel lobby and the outside. The client decided he was not going to eat with us. He was wearing a reddish coloured high school sports jacket. It seems my protestations had put him off.

I was also not going to eat there as I’d riled up A’s Boss and it might make things uncomfortable. A went into the restaurant to check with her Boss. He was amenable to us eating together.

At one point I asked A if she’d lost weight as her ample arse was no more.

In reality I could not give a crap about the dude’s business practices. It was the principle of the thing. My main concern was whether or not A had done this sort of thing while we were a couple.

Either this dream bothered me, the hot night or the light of my phone as I recorded this dream kept me awake for about 30mins after recording this.

A Glut of Ex Gf’s

Anu showed up and we boffed on the Friday night. After this Angela decided to just be friends and I think she was either out or with her family in Perth. Ren came over (perhaps she was living with me) and wanted to try out the nipple cream on me “as it had not been used” yet. She started getting amorous and was getting very wet.

We heard a car door and she pulled away starting to look like she was about to have had oof her jealousy fits.

I got up and went to the kitchen (Which resembled the Fisher Street residence) and Angela was there. She was skinny and had large brown areola. She wanted to get randy. I had thoughts of introducing Ren and her in bed but knew that would not end well.

A quite odd dream

I was hiding from someone in a hotel room (lots of fuzzy dream) and the resident came in and found me under the bed.  I think I was wearing a dressing gown.  They grabbed my crotch and then sucked me off, but not to conclusion.  They then whipped out their cock (quite small) and I sucked it until they almost came.  A condom was whipped out and some ass fucking took place.

Sex and Work (separate dreams)

Dream 1.

Three women. One I got on with before moving on to her friend. We fucked standing up in the middle of Albert Street primary school oval. Some friends of my girlfriend were showing up in the distance so we tried to teleport to a secure location.

Dream 2.

I shacked up with the people I work with (location was my parents house). Dave was cutting up a double bed in the family room with a circular saw. At the end of all of this, there were no beds. I asked where people would be sleeping.

Girlfriend Becomes Short Lived Tranny

My girlfriend was using a plastic bread clip as a cock ring on herself – she had my penis.  Quite strange.  It made the cock large and swollen and transferred the skin indentation to mine (perhaps it had moved back to my body).

She looked quite strange with an engorged cock hanging between her legs.

Car Covered in Bird Droppings?

In an old Celica discussing how when covered in bird crap, it would leak into the car via the sunroof which had worn seals.

I climbed onto the roof for a look while it was being driven down a road.

The car morphed into a commodore and the driver refused to slow down/stop so I could get back in.

After much yelling I bent one of his wipers. He was annoyed and asked why did that? Rhetorical question or what? He stopped.

Lots of me hanging off the bonnet here.

Also a couple of sex based dreams I have since forgotten.

Body hoping old flame

I was in the car with Liz R. We had just completed a bike ride (commute I think) and I was
driving her back to her place. I was seducing her during the drive bur caressing her back.
She pulled over for some weird dream logic. I then appeared to jump into her body and I was some skinny guy with a drug addled look.

Encounters in the Dead of Night

There was knocking on a door in the early hours of the morning. Then I heard the sliding door open and a presence in the house.

I got up and found a hand extending towards me in the dark. It was a lean naked female with tattoo on her left shoulder. I forced her out the back door and she was wanting sex.