15/11/2014 A Work Frustration Kicks off the first post on this dream log blog

I was at work.  I again asked my supervisor what award I was on.  I started to get annoyed as they yet again responded with an I do not know.  I said they would have to find out within 24 hrs as I have been asking every 2 weeks for the last 6 months.  If they did not give me the details, I said I would be asking Fair Work Australia.

I was directed to call 2000.  In my anger I got ranty as all that would give me was a beep beep beep failed connection.  Someone at work dialed it for me and handed me the headset.  I wound up talking to an Indian sounding hr guy.  I explained what was going on.  He started talking about something totally unrelated about a customer who could not register due to some sort of error related to Canada.  He asked if he could put me down to look at it.  I said ok.

I then reiterated my issues.  I was getting worked up, lips swelling, getting numb and drooling.  Guy would not give me a straight answer .  Said we were not on award.  Said something about Queensland.  I said I had been informed I was being paid above the award, so what was the award.  Still no answer.  I started getting loud and demanding..  Why was I being shafted with no time 1.5x on  weekends.  No 2.5 x on public holidays.  I’d been told as I was paid above award, that took care of leave loading.  That’s bull shit.  Casual rates take care of the lack of annual leave and sick leave entitlements only.  Every other job i’d had, I’d signed some sort of contract which laid out my entitlements.  I wanted one here, and within 24 hrs.  I got louder and rantier.  If I did not get what I wanted, I would be speaking to the Government

I think I had them agree by the time I hung up.  After the call my eyes were watering (not crying or weeping) and I was fearing I would be sacked as a result of my demands – I was only working casual.

This was ridiculous. I was feeling upset, my lips were swelled like a baboon on heat’s arse.

All through the dream, my sense of irony grew due to me working in a call centre and me sounding more and more like an increasingly disgruntled customer.


Leaky Steering Column

Lucid dream.  I had transmission fluid leaking inside car from steering column so knew I was dreaming.