Lady a Bee Hive?

There is a park. Lady on the bench. There is a swarm of bees. The lady reopened her nasopharyngeal passage and the bees want under her funky looking glasses and a up her nose. Was she saving the day? Did the bees live there? Was she dead? Strange 10 second dream all I’m doing is just observing the scene.



Rome’s Looking Like Paris From This Freeway

Begin with a fuzzy Giro d’Italia storyline ending with us on hills outside Rome.

Rome looked more like Paris and seemed to be on a river delta by the sea or (a big lake). Our large convoy is making its way to Rome via some stepped down freeway which seemed to be under construction.

When we got to water level, the road ended. One of us called across to some workers asking how to (or help to) get onto the next section of road. They got in an enclosed lift and submerged.

Two or three of us were then on a concrete section just off from the road and it flipped over. Two of us were ditched into the water, I stayed on the concrete. The enclosed elevator rose up from the water.

I was now in the water trying to keep some sheet music dry. One other was near me. We both were dragged under, it appeared to be fresh, though murky green water. The papers now looking like a metal briefcase with caution/safety tape on it was dragging us down. I let go, but still could not make it to the surface.

As I was running out of air I was magically touching the bottom of the river/lake and was close to the shore, under a bridge. Lots of “track coughing” followed this.

A very illogically constructed dream.

Refer to attached picture.dream-rome-construction

04/12/2014 – Strange insects a bit like termites

The ant problem was gone, now there were these insects all marching in a row that appeared to have coverings. Some were small and dome like, others were large and appeared to be made of kneedable putty. I picked one up and when it emerged from the “shell” it looked like some sort of termite.

20141204 termite thing dream
This one I thought was a queen. The shell was upside down and the insect would periodically submerge in the shell leaving only its antenna visible.

19/01/2001 UFO’s and missing people

We were camped out in the bush near where something had impacted into the ground and buried itself forming a mound. A general feeling of trepidation hung in the air due to people going missing.

Something across the valley was thought to be observing us at night due to lights in the trees and images of someone across the way with binoculars came to mind.

After the main part of the dream a black, angular UFO appeared making noise like a jet and doing some pretty fast maneuvers. It then landed next to where the mound had been (it was now gone, though during this portion of the dream the mound was in temporal flux). When I looked back at the UFO it had morphed into a beige Ford Falcon. Men in black had stepped out of the transport and were calmly chatting to myself and whoever else consisted of the main characters in the dream.

Below is a quick sketch of the dreamscape.


18/08/1992 Quite detailed dream

Had a fantastically great dream which I could remember when I woke up, but is fading fast.

Dave and I are around the familiar dreamscape. The lake is on the left and the big hill with the road going to the top is on the right.

We enter on the left half way up the hill near a fence and follow it through the bunker. We emerge on the top of the hill at a sort of lookout thing. Some people show up in a car. I can’t remember them, but they are known to me.

Robyn pops up and Dave tried to get on with her. Nice to see he respects his buddies!


15/05/1992 Sufing and a drawing

Dream 1:
I was surfing with my new board and I got attacked by a shark. I gouged its eyes and it pissed off. I was not injured.

Dream 2:
We were at the beach at low tide. Small waves were lapping the shore. The next thing we know, a big wave approaches and we bolt to the high land but did not make it. We get nailed from dry land.


07/05/1992 Whacky dream this one

A group of us were in a van with explosives and stuff. We were on a dirt road in a forest and some cave men came after us. They were brought from the past by our enemies. After we defeated them, there were two of them. The small one pressed an abort button on a gigantic clear thing. We sped off quickly but our driver drove into a lake. I’d jumped out of the truck so I went into the swamp and pushed the truck back to dry land. I was covered with leeches. I scraped most of them off then jumped in a shower. When the big thing disappeared it went down and made a sort of ‘bohrrrr’ sound.

I did have a picture of the scene, but’s it’s been lost.