Deep Sea Diving and Attempts at Possession

Dream 1

Simulation of a deep sea dive. Surprisingly realistic descent given we were in a small rectangular box. About half way down, things went bad and I exited to see what the problem was.

Dream 2

A child was possessed by a creature out of the bad TV movie Residue. Every time I tried to exorcise him, the creature vanished. It was also trying to possess me. My eyes started to go dark, but I manage to reject it.

Devil Worshippers Try to Hack My Operating System

There was a party. One attendee was skinny with a goatee and eyeshadow.

By some tech we (or it was) discovered this guy was possessed by the devil. Some sort of ray immobilised them and the devil was extracted (other forgotten dream narrative) The devil was crucified in an old crypt and for later use, was turned to stone. They/he then began to tempt me (or control of my operating system). I refused. They hacked in and installed a new one (or gave themselves access) and rebooted.

The hacker appeared unsuccessful. Incidentally at this stage an R2-D2 unit was hosting the operating system as it appeared the operating system was an artificial reality simulator. Scene of examining control icons and apparently unsuccessful taking of hack in conjunction with pan of Trafalgar in Victoria

Hell, Aliens and Art

There was a car on pillars as some art installation or memorial.

If you opened the doors, it was literally hell inside. Four spirits were trying to get inside as outside (to them, it was “fucking freezing”).

One of the spirits was trying to fire (<illegible) one of the dream characters to let them into the car.

A sub plot about alien occupation and subterfuge was also present.

09/12/2014 “Falling Skies” but no crappy aliens

Took place in the Falling Skies universe, though no aliens.

In jungle. Mutiny. Main character eaten and skeleton put up on display.

Later, main character back. I commented that “didn’t you get eaten” and also that maybe the script writers deleted what ever happened last episode.

Next why were the street lights on if there was no power? Helicopter, fast car entering garage. Ziggurat like base, flying car (shown below).

20141209 flying car - dream

Awarded to bravery, genetics and fighting dinosaurs in coins. One female perked up at my good genetics and we wound up snogging. Then I woke.

More Falling Skies stuff with same unknown female (when fell back to sleep). Then morphed into the new Battlestar Gallactica where the hot blondes are killing each other (and also not looking identical).

I drank some orange juice after filling my glass telepathically/telekinetically (yes both) from across the room.

25/06/2010 Vampire strangeness and dropping dead


I turned a human into a vampire, though I did not appear to be one. The rest of the dream involved a lynch mob trying to destroy an ancient vampire, a debate on why destroy something people did not understand and ended with the old vampire giving a long wavy haired brunette the option of dying or becoming an immortal.


Brad Tressider dropped dead of an unknown aliment, surprising everybody.

30/04/2006 Warehouse full of ex criminals

My warehouse created and populated by me. Criminals knew who I was but could not recognize me – I had to open a safe to prove who I was – this required I merge my hand with the internals of the safe and activate the opening mechanism involved altering reality of the safe to make my hand share the same space as the lock. Seems the locking mechanism resembled female genitalia at one point (eh?), could only get three fingers into the safe up to the main section of hand, when I needed to sink my hand in up to the wrist.

A piece of paper was in the safe (but I knew this as I could see through the door at one stage) and I had trouble opening safe as “I’d used all my energy up when I created this world’.