Exe’s? and out of phase universes

Something about my ex (or current?) girlfriend. She was across the road in red and black lingerie writhing around sexily.

I stripped to my briefs in the entrance to my house and then took a circuitous route to get to her.

Girlfriend has been lagged? on by a slight Asian origin female in a red slip. She was unaware of this as the Asian was in an out of phase universe. The physical location of these events were fluid as I approached.

Strange alternate universe

The dream began on a railway platform as I was trying to find some sort of portal. I was chasing a kid on a BMX. I seemed to have an earpiece on.I saw the portal from the corner of my eye, but when I turned, it vanished.

Some discussion on the earpiece lead to me turning left and seeing the BMX ride down a corridor and get into a blue train. I gave chase.

Everyone inside was sitting in order and the cabin was spacious.

The BMX guy took off his hoody and revealed he was in a police uniform. He joined another.

Four inspectors were riding stationary bikes at the head of the train which was now hall sized.

A ticket inspector started asking for tickets. Everyone jostled and the cabin became empty/sparse.

I was then joined by someone else I’d supposedly been traveling with all the time. The inspector now wanted to see work permits. We handed over our passports instead. Given we were now in an alternate universe, giving over our passports was a hunch. We were discussing options of they were not suitable. I has a phone signal though no charge. Our documents were on a table and were looked at last. When they were returned, the inspector said we should add details to the or else we could get in trouble.

Retro Modern Dream and another one just remembered

Many dreams. The only one I can remember seem to take place at Fisher Street and I was watching movies on a modern system (Plex).

I played in audiocassette and a girls voice said I’d had the opportunity for the last year to hook up with her but had been blinded and was operating under a false sense of security. I window had closed.

I spoke aloud to myself “yes I know. I was an idiot”. I accidentally pressed the on button for a DVD player and it was very noisy.

Dream 2

I just remembered another. I was asked if I was racing this weekend I replied “yes” without thinking.

It was an 80 km handicap. Racing would be a tad tricky as I was overseas at the time.

19/12/2014 CO3 and strange realities

When drinking CO3 mixed with water, a bright flask would transport (3 of) us into a photo. If the picture was of a real event, we would be transported there and we could affect events. If it was a drawing, we would wind up in it.

One would stay in reality, 2 would enter.

Something about supplicates (?) and <illegible> are being visible.

Something about a huge, dim, brown and gold themed church and some sort of hostage situation and a book of magic. Very long detailed dream that survived waking three times. The detail did not carry across to the waking world.

Prior to this, I was jumping characters. Two of them had been shot and one, who had a bicep wound began to piss blood from the wound. The bicep deflated and blood was everywhere and I was assisted to where I could lie down. Warm and sticky. Fear of death, but dream shifted to the CO3 story line.

Seem to have been located at derelict building.  Was discussing job prospects with former colleague Tara.  She said she would confer with Jan who had supposedly been one if our managers.