17/12/2003 Lovecraftian Dream

I was in a garage after hours looking for something (I know not what). When I heard people coming into the garage, I was behind a screen in a pit trying to find my mystery item.

The people who had entered the garage began to conduct a ritual with a weird little leach type worm. The leader put his hand into a cardboard Chinese food box and withdrew the worm which had attached itself to his pointer finger on his right hand as far as his second knuckle. It was at this stage I notices an unconscious man was tied to a chair and was the focus of the ritual. The leader placed the worm on the victim’s penis. What happened next was pretty snazzy special effects with the worm growing in size, the skin of the victim going grey, the tail of the worm entering the victim’s mouth, turning the victim into something resembling a bag with a strap, as he began to desiccate as the worm consumed his flesh. The victim oscillated between a grey skin tone and a white skin tone and sort of bubbled as he was eaten.   Meanwhile all the cultists were chanting and so forth. Eventually the worm left a dried out husk of a victim and the leader replaced the worm in it’s cardboard box. The cultists left and I woke up.

This dream was all very HP Lovecraftian.


10/11/1992 Shape shifting into a seagul

I was at some lake and could shape change into a sea gull. I dived for a fish but spat it out. Then I was human and had a massive cut in my right big toe. Had to get out of the water quick in case of sharks.

21/08/1992 Strange cyborg tentacle plant

I was just down at the Moe turn off (coming from Morwell). More on the road that parallels the freeway, but the road seemed like a dreamscape road. I was pissing around with some tentacled plant-cyborg thing. It got a bit out of control and I tried to stop it with the normal herbicide used to kill it, but it had become immune.

It would start off as a tentacle then grown and solidify into a thorn bush type of structure, which was flesh pink. If a tentacle got sliced off, it would grow right back. I remember getting away from it.