Bit of a strange one

Setting – angel (<illegible, maybe ancient) Britain/Egypt. I appeared to be a medico and had saved the emperor’s life and received a pardon for something. Despite that, I was being put to death. There was a big (illegible) for this. We would walk up to a gallows type construction and be processed. I was walking with despondency.

I saw the grandson of the emperor who seemed to be a popular sports star (lacrosse? Footy?). I yelled at him what was happening and he was being noticed (eh < illegible). We appeared to be friends. I asked for another pardon.

It appeared my mother has a fish tank with a dead fish. She accused me of killing them, due to marbles being in a bowl of petunias. Cartoon “X” eyes on the fish. I had nothing to do with it. I started slapping her around and calling her a stupid bitch as I had nothing to do with the death of her fucking fish and they were going to (try and) kill me. I did not have time to spend at the bottom of a death pit pretending to be dead (immortality theme continued).

Fish both (<eh, illegible) with marble out of bathroom in Moe. Running mascara. Mother on knees. Flashes to wide cut of a river piled up with dead bodies. Many, many of them, with the implication O’s been somewhere there.