Friends, work and alien biology

Too many dream to differentiate. One of my friends was moving his family to the arse end of nowhere (either an island or a yacht). I can remember lots of bush land. Another friend I had not visited year, I was sitting on a couch to the left of him. I asked him about his father who was dying. He then took me along a garden path that had speakers in the ground. His dad was wither visible through a window in the ground, or on a display. I am not sure what sure which. He was dictating his will (maybe) and not making a lot of sense. Next there was a strange bee or wasp with a strange life cycle. Flat, large slater like things on a tree that would turn into the bee/wasp if the correct thing was stung. If something else was stung, the stung thing would die. I was trying to explain this to my gf who was inside chatting with TV and I think T. I was being ignored and cracked it shouting at them to come out side and calling them arse holes. TV and T then left in their cars. Our drive way was huge at this point and outside the property was a service lane. After my outburst I was concerned that my temper would be a strike against me if I put out feelers for work in TV’s lab.


Cramped & frustrated at work

The office at work had moved to a small and cramped space where both upstairs and downstairs were on the one level. I had enough space for half a monitor due to the encroachment of somebody else into my space. I was very stroppy about this and complained to the office manager. She said we could rearrange the desk for more room. After this, things were slightly improved, though we had to use really old equipment that was not in poor condition and not OHS compliant.

You tube and a reanimation formula

White corridor. Semi secret door. <redacted> received a text that she was required at “the” cafe. Told me to follow in a minute. When I opened the door, before I close it, I put something like a do not disturb sign on the handle.

It took multiple attempts to get it not to fall off. The door would not close properly. It had shrunk and the tongue would not latch.

Big white corridor.

Spacious room with high ceiling and tables arranged like in a wedding. People looking at me. No <redacted>. I looked around before sitting in a spare seat.

<redacted> then appeared.

<redacted> showed up. He was 18 and not dead. He was there to tell me/us about something discovered on YouTube that brought people back from the dead.

It worked really well given he had been dead for about 25 years.

A rat was in a brown paper bag on the table. It was dead but reanimating.

I wondered if this was communicable. What would be the impact if it was non-discriminatory.

Cycling & Old Friends

I was out on a training ride.  When I turned down Moore Street in Mo-Town, it appeared some sort of festival was on as the street was overflowing with people.

Halfway through I thought I saw ML and then, as I was entering the round about that crossed Haig Street, I spied LR, LB, some other L (maybe it was Gb) I supposedly knew and Di.  I said “Hi”.  All of them were wearing their year 12 formal clothes and all has the same body shapes and ages as they were in year 12.

I suggested we all catch up.  They agreed.

I also enquired as to what happened with LR and Facebook as she appeared to have dropped off the face of the planet.  Was it something to do with her new bf and what L and I got up to in chat now and then?

Sometime later, I was riding onto the freeway.  I was wearing baggy shorts and a sleeveless under-shirt.  The left handlebar seemed to be at chopper height and the right one at normal height.  The scene kept alternating between 1st and 3rd person.