I’m in Japan

The location seemed to be in some poor villages (low houses, lots of power lines).  I decided I would fly in plain sight of everyone.  I struggled and could only get about 5m off the ground.  What flight I did do was sluggish.

A 5 year old girl with a skateboard tugged on my leg and pulled me down. She wanted me to met her friend who was lonely. I’m not sure if the friend was the slim lady or a male with a cartoon like neck and head (think a beefy Team Fortress character).

The place I went to was a dump.  Clothes, rags, food scraps all in the entry way (more like a dingy Pervian hovel at this point) and lots of kittens.

To the left the house opened up.  Three people were present, skinny lady, cartoon head and a lady cooking a stir fry.

Skinny and cartoon followed me outside and we sat down at some Children’s furniture.

Lots more to the dream.  Flying towards a university over grass land before skateboard girl latched onto me.




Chuck Norris used as battering ram

A couple of nights ago I dreamed of coding and also that one of my cats had white streaks in its fur. Last night was better for recalling.

Dream 1:
I was at my old work where the canteen had been fitted out as a computer lab. I was trying to take an exam when a group of people set up shop to the left of me and started having a meeting. They were encroaching on my space and being disruptive.

I cracked the sad and moved to the front left of the room (now facing towards the back) and continued my exam. I then went out (for lunch?).

When I returned, I realised I’d left my phone on the desk and now it was gone.

I made some enquiries and apparently “Renee” knew what had happened to my phone.

I walked over to her and asked if she knew where my phone was. She waffled on with a big story about some kid at high school and how someone said I’d registered for the Tour de Cure and how (for weird dream logic), the phone must have been the kids. This is despite me being set as the wallpaper on the phone.

I stopped here and said I wanted to know the whereabouts of the phone. I did not want a story. She seemed affronted and continued with her story. Fucking idiot.

In the end, the kid missed out on lunch as his bus returned to the computer lab so he could get the phone. I was then furious and after returning to my desk ranted a little bit using colourful language. I then apologised for this. Shortly after, I logged onto find my phone and set the phone to make noise. I also tracked it down while thinking the kid was lying sack of shit when he accepted my phone as his.

Dream 2:
I was at some sort of bazaar or shopping centre and decided to take a short cut. The passage got narrower and busier and it appeared that the hallway was being used as a bar. When I was almost out, some guy was yapping to a female as I asked him politely if he could move. He said no as he was having a conversation. I enquires as to how long he expected that to continue. He said who knows. I then called him a rude cunt.

By now, the hallway was a school science lab and the back aisles were clear. I followed one of them and saw the guy coming after me in a mirror. I judo’ed him when he was almost on me. This started a bar fight and Chuck Norris was used as a battering ram. They missed me with him, resulting in some saying I must not be the cause of the brawl as Chuck missed me.

Next I am outside of the building which looked a little like the one from the farm party / cat dream a few weeks ago.

I got onto my invisible hovering motorcycle and it was being sluggish, so the plan was to fly instead. I was now half way up a hill and having trouble taking off. One of my pursuers was already doing sky jumps towards me and soon after that I was in the air doing some sort of backwards air paddling.

Eventually I wound up in a assumed safety, having morphed? through some industrial (think Star Wards Coruscant) buildings. The pursuer appeared in the room the same way I did and when my defender (a rotund woman) went to push him away, her hands sunk into his midriff. This seemed to be due to him being able to morph? In the same way we both got into the closed? room.

I think the dream ended there.

Three pretty sketchy recollections

Dream summary.  3 of them…
Dream 1:
I was flying around during daylight, not caring that anyone could see me manifest this power.  Towards the end of the dream I was thinking I needed a lot of core strength to keep my body straight as I flew around.

Dream 2:
I was having lunch with an ex manager of an old workplace and hinting that I’d like to work for this current company.

Dream 3:
Hmm, details have evaporated in between writing up dream one and this one!

High Profile Actors Infiltrate my Dream Characters

I remembered lots more of this at 4am when I woke, but I did not want to disturb my sleeping companion by turning on the light and recording this, so it is now quite faded.

Colin Firth was a butler who was quite grumpy.  We brought him a kitten to cheer him up and patted it while holding it close to his face.  Set in Crown Casino Melbourne lobby, but actual location Perth.

I flew in the lobby and out a window in full view of the general public.  I was giving this second thoughts, but figured what the heck, I wanted to go for a fly.

A well known female actress played a part as did Adam Driver.  What parts I now do not know.

While flying, I decided to head for Queensland despite thinking this was a long flight.  Curiously, this was over water.  A square of water was glowing and it shorted out (best way to describe it), my flying ability. I landed in the square and the lights went out.  There were traps all over the place to prevent me (apparently specifically) from leaving the area.

The female character was then with me and despite being about 5 kilometres off shore, we were back on the beach at the entrance to the hotel.  This is where the grumpy butler was and shortly presented with the kitty.

Tarantulas, Assasin Cleaners and was I the Prime Minister?

Dream 1:

A tarantula was loose in the old Fisher Street address,

I trapped it under a coffee jar, then I went looking for some cardboard to slide it under the jar.

In the meantime, two of my cats decided to play with the spider, so trying to move them without releasing the spider was difficult.

Eventually, I checked it out the windows.

Next, my brother was apparently living here with his wife and kids (or at least he was until she bailed on him due to prolonged grumpiness due to a big toothache).

Dream 2:

My house was very dark when I entered it. This was suss. I’d returned there after a guitar failure (I’d been giving a live performance and the bridge went wonky (it was very rusty)).

The house had been cleaned by assassins (2 of them) who had me on their hit list.

Dream 3:

I was on the outside of a jumbo jet as it flew from Melbourne to Brisbane in Australia. Either I was the PM (or close to the PM). Some zero G moments, though by the end of the flight, I was used to the motions of the plane.

Something about a dripping top at one stage.

Landing was interesting as it seemed the jet needed to make a tight turn to enter an underground park, so the pilot needed to be quite exact due to a short runway.

A party of five was then bundled into red Mercedes limo and we wound up at the beach driving along a road. I was rear right of the car, not the rear left where I should have been.

08/02/2015 Bike racing and floating Dark City style

I’d won a B grade race at Warragul. Then in a big wide area ( concreted car park?) I decided to float 1 m off the ground.

Next I am walking along a grass path down hill. It turns out to be the same scenery as along princes Highway in Drouin towards A Heather’s led place. The hill is longer then usual. As I am going downhill, I decide to jump and flat the rest of the way to AH’s house. I glide in a fashion similar to the aliens in Dark City. A couple of course corrections are needed as I appear not to able to adjust my bearing – so my floating is different to flying.

Once I get to my destination, Jayman P is there and he is announcing the winners for a race that is about to get underway. I apparently win B grade, and I wonder why I was not promoted after my last win.

08/04/2008 Wacky Quite Involved Dream

Wacky dream.

Some people were being killed by demons and then revived. This would be evidenced by their eyes turning white, then their irises going a sickly yellow/pink colour. Their skin would also be covered in scabby legions which would eventually heal.

Some interdimensional creatures from the future were using portals to enter our universe and decimate our forests by ring barking the trees.   Originally two portals opened on the beach and a large purple elephant type creature emerged. No amount of shooting with a fairly high powered machine gun would affect the creature as it slowly lumbered along the shore prior to engaging a cloaking device.

My partner then went on to explain the creature, their portals and various other information. I think we must have destroyed the second portal. The wreckage appeared to be a land driver 4wd. The first portal appeared to leave behind a large bulldozer shell or something similar. My partner examined the phone left on the unit in an attempt to garner information, or contact the other dimension. I taxed some equipment from the 4wd, including a hand held cb. The other dude went on to explain that none of the interdimensional creatures had ever been killed or captured and they would always come back for what they left behind (including disabled tech such as what we were examining).

I wound up conversing with one of the demond killed and supposedly they had the same powers as me and were just as strong (I’d be imbued with the ability to fly and a host of other as yet undiscovered talents). I was trying to fly but could only get a few meters off the ground and would be unable to do much else. At one point I was above a grassed car park when a whole lot of portals began to unwind. There were a few more like me hovering in the air and we tried to zap the interlopers, but could not engage any magical powers. The cloaks of the creatures engaged as they moved into the surrounding forest and in short order, ring barked all the trees and warped back to their own dimension.

The dream continued on in much the same fashion for quite some time.

02/09/2006 – Dream redered CGI style, so interesting on that account

Everything in this dream was rendered, cgi style.

I (or we) at a beach location – evil was coming – leave beach for inner land as the ocean was going to rise – when it did it was populated with boats like up ended rib cages.

There was a large water giant in anthropomorphic fashion – ability to dissolve people – one character was curious so went to the ocean (oo, nothing is going to happen here)….they got caught in the water – a hand of the giant got them…the character got either dissolved or erased…not sure which.

Meanwhile, back at base I was taking back up HDD’s with me, leaving all else and flying out (I could fly) to safety (which required I get to at least 500m attitude).

**a dream where I keep switching chars*

21/06/2009 “Transporter 4” Dream

Transporter 4. Big merc or Bentley. Changing clothes. Adversary drives by. I jump in car and drive off. My two companions may or may not have been with me. Quiet overgrown country lane. Car parked inside of masseur establishment. Flying using a light-cycle controller. Being shot at. A few misses, one grazed right temple. Wake with migraine.

22/05/2006 A couple of dreams

dream 1:
I was removing large amounts of bright green fluffy moss (a variation of sphagnum) from either my bicycle or motorbike’s handlebars.

dream 2:
I and about 5 others were escaping (apparently from work) in a jet. One of the lab co-coordinators, Michael stated “You’ll be back tomorrow.”, and i replied quickly with “Maybe in a year”, and then hastily closed the door of the plane and slid the locking bolt on the door across.

There was a huge crowd of ppeople around the plane, but this did not prevent us from taking off (maybe we ran them over, who knows, it was a concern, what if they got jammed in the landing gear as it retracted?( the pilot  -some girl I think I went to school with) said she was too tired to fly and someone else would have to take the controls. This turned out to be me. I moved into her seat as we were taking off.

It was night. there were tall trees at the end of the runway. Once I took control, the controls were not intuitive – pulling back and the plane went down, pushing forward and it went up. Twice I flew under high tension power lines, marginally missing scraping the tail on the wires. Then i had to avoid a mountain range. In the end I somehow landed on the side of a mountain, but a landing strip was close by – the plane was pushed there so we could take off again.

Between take off, there was a scene where I walked across the road to town and sat on a park bench and waited for a member of our crew who had wandered into town for some reason. It was cold. The bench appeared to be at the rear of a garden nursery.