08/07/2014 Superhuman and locked up for it

I was locked up for ever as I’d upgraded mind to be superhuman. My prison was a undergroud vault with big thick windows (strange given the location). I escaped and the NSA was trying to arrest me. I kept asking what the charge was.

Perceptully, the dream was quite long.


14/04/2009 Epic dream lasting a few weeks subjectively. I’d love more of these!

Felt like World Of Warcraft and Heroes merged.

I was friends with Sylar and we were very competitive with each other.

Something about a glowing orange box above the door of a professor’s warehouse abode.

Me being transported to the future and seeing how the world had turned to ruin – ruled by death and destruction overseen by a supernatural dragon.

Back to the present. I was headed down the stars to the main area of the warehouse (from the front door) and I was at mental war with Sylar. After some tooing and frooing, he visualised a rune which then proceeded to unlock the glowing orange box. This released the demon contained within. I was transported to the future again.

The dragon was flying through the darkness in a (potentially) ruined city. It alighted at the top of a tall building then telepathically announced who it was and what the deal was.

Lots more detail in the dream and it felt like it went on for a few weeks overall.