No Idea About Content. Epic Duration.

I cannot recall anything in the way of content. The dream was one of the epic ones with a subjective duration of between 3 and 6 months. I woke up refreshed and feeling like I’d had a long holiday.


A long dream set in England

Set in England.

A gang was involved and intimidating me.

A long dream. Besides the Cockney language, that is about all I can remember besides a courtyard and flats.

Rome’s Looking Like Paris From This Freeway

Begin with a fuzzy Giro d’Italia storyline ending with us on hills outside Rome.

Rome looked more like Paris and seemed to be on a river delta by the sea or (a big lake). Our large convoy is making its way to Rome via some stepped down freeway which seemed to be under construction.

When we got to water level, the road ended. One of us called across to some workers asking how to (or help to) get onto the next section of road. They got in an enclosed lift and submerged.

Two or three of us were then on a concrete section just off from the road and it flipped over. Two of us were ditched into the water, I stayed on the concrete. The enclosed elevator rose up from the water.

I was now in the water trying to keep some sheet music dry. One other was near me. We both were dragged under, it appeared to be fresh, though murky green water. The papers now looking like a metal briefcase with caution/safety tape on it was dragging us down. I let go, but still could not make it to the surface.

As I was running out of air I was magically touching the bottom of the river/lake and was close to the shore, under a bridge. Lots of “track coughing” followed this.

A very illogically constructed dream.

Refer to attached picture.dream-rome-construction

WWI Spy and another secondary dream

Dream 1:

I was a WWII spy infiltrating Germany at night.  Once I got past the beach full of mines and shiggawire, I would in a village. I entered a house through the roof and the manhole in the laundry and found myself in the bathroom where I was half dressed – German pants only. I was hiding behind the door while either a guard or a commandant was investigating noises. This felt like hours and was full of trepidation.

Eventually it was day and I pulled the pin.  I successfully snuck back to the laundry.  This involved moving along a hallway, through a large open plan kitchen and then back into the roof.  The roof space was set up like a bolt hole and had lots of sheets or clothing padding out the area.  I picked up thoughts that the material around the exhaust fan should not be allowed to stop is, otherwise the Germans would know about the roof space.  After a while I found myself on the roof hiding under a sheet.  A town’s people saw me.  I thought I should move.  He picked up on these thoughts and stated he would inform the postman.  I fled.  Somehow I got off the roof and headed for the forest.  A German in a pointy helmet riding a bike was headed my way out if the tress towards the village.  I froze out in the open in my English uniform.  He passed right by me.  I headed to the beach.  As it was daylight I was wondering how to get past the sentries etc.  I turned on a predator style cloak and made it through

Dream 2:

Probably more to this.  I was at the doctor is being examined some time after an accident.  The scabs on my left knee were gone.  My right was still pretty scabby.  I had upper body injuries as well, though I was fully functional.  The first thing the dr wanted to see was my knees.  I was wearing grey cargo pants.

I’m not sure if it was part if this dream or another one, but I was either talking with or discussing something about my future self who was meant to come back from about 500years from now with future intel and a wetware upgrade package.

3 Months subjective Dream Time

I was at a new job discussing the last four years with my old manager*. As we got onto the topic of my redundancy, there was a birthday celebration at the other end of the office. The ex-manager was then more interested in cake then reminiscing.

*Dream wise, I worked for three months as a tech writer for my old, old pharma company in the building in the east side of <REDACTED>.

14/04/2009 Epic dream lasting a few weeks subjectively. I’d love more of these!

Felt like World Of Warcraft and Heroes merged.

I was friends with Sylar and we were very competitive with each other.

Something about a glowing orange box above the door of a professor’s warehouse abode.

Me being transported to the future and seeing how the world had turned to ruin – ruled by death and destruction overseen by a supernatural dragon.

Back to the present. I was headed down the stars to the main area of the warehouse (from the front door) and I was at mental war with Sylar. After some tooing and frooing, he visualised a rune which then proceeded to unlock the glowing orange box. This released the demon contained within. I was transported to the future again.

The dragon was flying through the darkness in a (potentially) ruined city. It alighted at the top of a tall building then telepathically announced who it was and what the deal was.

Lots more detail in the dream and it felt like it went on for a few weeks overall.

26/04/2003 Long involved hostage dream

An epic length dream.

Somehow I was in a large square warehouse with a high roof of steel girders.

A bunch of Welsh men and women had taken all the people at work hostage and apparently a number of my friends as well. The hostage numbers increased as people showed up for work (which was strange as the site of being held was no where near work).

At one stage I had a pen and paper and was going to draw the layout of the place and include sketches of the baddies. I waited until it got dark (it go dark rapidly around 18:00) the I began to draw. I must have been lying down to the rear of the room (towards a large view screen!?) the leader advanced on me rapidly and held me in a headlock/chocker grip (which did not choke me). He asked me if I was a (something beginning with S). I said I did not know what he meant. I said I may be a smart ass or intelligent or few other apt descriptions, but none of these seemed to placate him. he asked one of his colleagues if I was and kept saying to me, was it worth being a “S” if it meant breaking my neck.

I told him nope, deciding to keep any hints of immortality secret. He deigned to release me after some more ranting and raving. It was at this point that I noticed the boyz as well as work people in the warehouse.

It was here that I noticed it was now 9am…very unusual as the headlock had begun at 18:00 the previous day. I asked everyone if the had suddenly noticed that it was daytime and no one else had.

One of my friends was explaining the situation to me and I said under my breath (but quite loudly) “fuckwits”. The baddies must have been listening as a female all clad in black (looking like an actress who I cannot place) came over and said “someone dies for this, make no mistake”. She grabbed the Nutman thinking he had uttered the words as he was standing next to me. It was now that I used the Force to choke her to death and as an extra touch I burnt out her eyes.

I remember nothing more of this dream.