Took place in foreign country. I was part of a military suicide force. If we were captured by the enemy, certain possessions would tell them this and we would be kept alive ( as supposed torment). To enter the country we had to go in with a local (one for each of us). They left us a smuggled out others. Once we completed our mission, we had to run through parks and long grass to escape the police.

We could not escape over the fence near our location as a cliff was on the other side (dream lake was at the bottom). We escaped out the exit gate an saw no easy egress.

The dunnies were fairly shoddy and the place was run by the military. The daylight went from full, to none during our flight form the authorities.


01/12/1992 Real dams and dream lakes

I was at the bottom of Thompson Dam with some other people. The dam was overflowing in the wrong places due to some recent rain. We thought it was getting a bit dangerous so we decided to leave. I crossed the river at the bottom and the dam overflowed everywhere.

**The river lead into the dreamscape lake, but this time it was much deeper.**

We all fled and I was the only one who made it. Half way up a cliff, rocks and water buffeted me, and I was pulled down under. The scene changed and I was in a warehouse pushing emergency close off valves so the water couldn’t get in any more.

18/08/1992 Quite detailed dream

Had a fantastically great dream which I could remember when I woke up, but is fading fast.

Dave and I are around the familiar dreamscape. The lake is on the left and the big hill with the road going to the top is on the right.

We enter on the left half way up the hill near a fence and follow it through the bunker. We emerge on the top of the hill at a sort of lookout thing. Some people show up in a car. I can’t remember them, but they are known to me.

Robyn pops up and Dave tried to get on with her. Nice to see he respects his buddies!