A Strange Way to Secure Accountancy Business / Meeting up with an Ex

Out with Angela and her boss. Apparently I’d arranged to go out for dinner with A.

It seems A and her boss were drumming up business. The Boss got A to suck a client’s (small) cock to seal the deal. When I noticed this happening, A looked sheepish.

She was gagging even though the cock was small. Apparently she found the taste not to her liking (I read that from her mind). I also wanted it to be my cock she was going gobble on.

I got all high and mighty that her boss should be doing the sucking if he wanted the deal so much. He said he wasn’t a fag.

I took photos to report the activity to ‘Work Force’. I could not get the photo to take properly as foliage was in the way and on my camera phone, everyone was appearing far away. During this, the scene had changed from a room to a park bench under a bridge and I was taking photos from about 100m away. The three departed up some steps to cross the bridge. I followed, running past passing security guards with guns and day glo vests to catch up. I was thinking the guards did not give me a second thought as I ran past them as I was not grabbing their guns.

When I caught up, I informed the Boss that I’d report him to Work Force (in my head thinking and knowing I should be saying Work Cover). The Boss said it was not him sucking the cock and I could not prove anything. I lied saying I also had an audio showing coercion. He mentioned something about a 40 000 page paper we were discussing earlier.

We then went off to an Indian restaurant that A said looked high-end (it looked like a dive to me – more like a bad Chinese eatery). A Bain-marie was out the front and the scene was alternating between a hotel lobby and the outside. The client decided he was not going to eat with us. He was wearing a reddish coloured high school sports jacket. It seems my protestations had put him off.

I was also not going to eat there as I’d riled up A’s Boss and it might make things uncomfortable. A went into the restaurant to check with her Boss. He was amenable to us eating together.

At one point I asked A if she’d lost weight as her ample arse was no more.

In reality I could not give a crap about the dude’s business practices. It was the principle of the thing. My main concern was whether or not A had done this sort of thing while we were a couple.

Either this dream bothered me, the hot night or the light of my phone as I recorded this dream kept me awake for about 30mins after recording this.


Busted phones and being caught by the Galactic Police

Dream 1

I had wrapped a hair tie around the top of my mobile phone. After the hair tie was removed (maybe months later), the screen was frosted where the tie had been. Scratching the glass resulted in spider cracks on the screen. A bit of frosting on the left side of the screen did not result in cracks when rubbed. I remembered thinking this should be covered under warranty as the pone was not old and a hair tie should not damage the screen.

Dream 2

I was a member of an outlaw start ship crew and we’d finally been caught by the Galactic Authorities. They put a chip in the back of my skull as I was getting a suspended sentence that also stopped me from accessing data for six months. The chip first accesses the Internet and I could see everything as if it was in a head up display prior to my access being blocked. I was thinking that was not a good way to block me as I got right into hacking the connection open, at which point, I’d have unrestricted access to EVERYTHING.

WWI Spy and another secondary dream

Dream 1:

I was a WWII spy infiltrating Germany at night.  Once I got past the beach full of mines and shiggawire, I would in a village. I entered a house through the roof and the manhole in the laundry and found myself in the bathroom where I was half dressed – German pants only. I was hiding behind the door while either a guard or a commandant was investigating noises. This felt like hours and was full of trepidation.

Eventually it was day and I pulled the pin.  I successfully snuck back to the laundry.  This involved moving along a hallway, through a large open plan kitchen and then back into the roof.  The roof space was set up like a bolt hole and had lots of sheets or clothing padding out the area.  I picked up thoughts that the material around the exhaust fan should not be allowed to stop is, otherwise the Germans would know about the roof space.  After a while I found myself on the roof hiding under a sheet.  A town’s people saw me.  I thought I should move.  He picked up on these thoughts and stated he would inform the postman.  I fled.  Somehow I got off the roof and headed for the forest.  A German in a pointy helmet riding a bike was headed my way out if the tress towards the village.  I froze out in the open in my English uniform.  He passed right by me.  I headed to the beach.  As it was daylight I was wondering how to get past the sentries etc.  I turned on a predator style cloak and made it through

Dream 2:

Probably more to this.  I was at the doctor is being examined some time after an accident.  The scabs on my left knee were gone.  My right was still pretty scabby.  I had upper body injuries as well, though I was fully functional.  The first thing the dr wanted to see was my knees.  I was wearing grey cargo pants.

I’m not sure if it was part if this dream or another one, but I was either talking with or discussing something about my future self who was meant to come back from about 500years from now with future intel and a wetware upgrade package.

Two long and involved dreams pale upon recollection

Dream 1:

There was an alien invasion. At the start it appeared to be “civilised”. After a while, they got annoyed with the shrimp. Apparently they were sick of seafood cocktails and started running up everything on the planet for later eating while they destroyed any shrimp they found immediately.

The planet seemed more proto – lots of rocks and the appearance of volcanic desert.

Dream was very long and involved.

Dream 2:

I’d started my first day as an auditor for the TGA. I was wandering around the facility not knowing what to do, or who I was supposed to be reporting to. Apparently I’d just wandered in. When I was on the second floor, someone asked who I was and what I was doing. After explaining things, I went back down stairs. I was given a uniform with a very scratchy woolen jacket. I never put it on and in the next scene, there were three or four trainees (wearing the uniform), while I was in my civvies looking unprofessional. I was worried that it did not look good I was wandering around clueless and had not asked anyone for assistance – great way to start a new job!

For some reason we were wandering around a large atrium in the middle of the facility. The facility was huge and on site at a pharmaceutical plant.

Another long, involved dream.

25/04/2015 Three dreams tonight

I was driving along the princes highways between Melbourne and Yarragon and I was being road raged/mstalked by 3 vw’s. One was creamy green and two werre black. It was night.

After yarragon, I decided to flee for home or was it follow the cars to moe as a voice over said that was where their base was. I responded that it would be easier to survei them. Before traf east on a side road, more like a bike path, the light car decided to play chicken. I stood my ground. The collision caused no damage. At this point I was enraged and pick up the car and started slamming it into the ground and against a fence post.

Slowly the car crumpled. It also started leaking engine oil. Once that was taken car of, I did the same to the 2x black cars.

Strewn across the road/path, they were now cats. I moved them off the path as I did not want them run over.

I proceeded to walk to mor (where my car went, I do Mott know and only post dream wonder about that). I was wearing a cross between a pridiner’s jump suit and a deep diving suit of old. As I was on the bnd in the road before the traf east hill, I heard a large semi trailer approaching from the west and was very fearful it would see me and/or leave the road and run me over – neither of which occurred.

Walking up the hill, I discovered I was wearing nothing else than my filthy oil covered suit. I was wondering if anyone would find the cars and if I’d be tracked down and charged with 7 murders. More worried about my freedom being curtailed Han anything else. It should be ok, I thought. It was self defended, I’d left no genetic residue and more interesting, at this point I realised the cats were too small to contain anyone as they were pedal car sized.

Apparently it was dry and shrubby up the hill and there were lots if car/people traffic on the highway, but not on the side road where I was. Things get fuzzy.

Dream 2:
I am in Westbury Meadows. Not far away is a house located where I used to live.it is occupied bg a lady with and old PC. Here anti virus program simmultaneously has been installed today and some time ago. Trying to emote it, she is. Blank box on screen that if click where buttons should be, program responds.

Make moves to remove program. Lady on a big pile if visions or beam bags. Starts kissing me. It’s in! I think to myself, this is a destraction, possibly to make my PC service free. Behind us there is a cross between an Indian & American Indian. Seemingly lying on the ground dead/alive and thinking at me that snogging a client is inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Dream 3:

There was a third dream I knew I should have written down at the time. Ah yes. I was walking to some training and an ASIO operative call signed me. While chatting I was not asking obviously question as that was the whole point of the conversation. I was told with my experience I’s be mainly stuck in the lab/office. That was fine with me, though I indicated I had out and about skills. It appears the training was in a bar and it was a few from work and several more ASIO employees.


Something about being interviewed as to regarding cameras being placed in cigarette packets. I was sound bited as saying I liked to take notes and be prepared.

Some old whiskery codger was being interviewed. He was disgusting – ash on his tongue, two cigarette butts and a scrunched up tissue were in his mouth. He was saying people should be allowed to smoke. Said they should be able to drink beer and enjoy smoking in the back room as nature intended. Next a pregnant lady with three kids was at a table smoking. There was some sort of voice over. She got up to chase her kids and while being interviewed, I noticed the wall has lots of computer game boxes on it. Turns out she was being interviewed in a store. I thought her house must have been a shit hole.

Next she leaves the store and I am walking behind he and we are at some place like the Chadstone shopping centre.
I am behind her, tripping on her heels while she walks with a friend.

Next, the friend is gone and we are side by side talking. I am wearing shorts and sneakers only and am worried about being half naked and displaying my nipple piercings.

Then I am saying I need to for shopping for a shirt. The preggo lady says she may need my help with preparing (presumably for the interview), as I seemed to be good at that. I said I’d only said I liked to be prepared and had not, which is why I sounded stilted during the interview.

As she asked about if I was comfortable/annoyable, when was a flash of recollection that she was a shinier version of some really annoying, chatty lady I’d and as a FWB a few years aback.

Sort of strange dream as it shifted from an observer mode to me in the dream. The time line was all skewed but made dense in the dream.

08/08/2013 Stolen cars, churches & Monty Python style bleeding

My car was stolen when parked on side of road a few k’s out of a town where a booze bus was. I do not remember the town name.

I recollect I had parked on roadside as I was tired. I had trouble opening the window. A car passed too fast/too close and I decided it was dangerous where was. Thus, I decided to keep going. I forgot to turn on my car lights, so had to turn them on. I made it to town, but could not see the road (due to tired/foggy eyes) and I crashed.

The Next day, I stagger to a church. A car (black Mercedes) is in the front room. Its very crushed up (back front damaged, crushed roof like rolled and flipped).

I am apologetic to the priest saying I am glad glad no one was injured badly (priest was limping) or died (I assumed the drove through window into church as the window broken big enough to allow car through). I have the impression I was not sure if it was me driving the car or somone else.

As I was leaving, I jump bodies and notice the church glass front repaired. Lots of people milling around. As I (now old grey haired dude) walk off, alternate me discusses that GD does not know anyone died. Call out name of dead dude. GD stops, recognising (his) name and returns. As he walks from the road, up the driveway to church, more and more damage appears on GD. Blood soaking through his shirt on his right shoulder blade. Starts spraying blood Monty Python style. Everyone gets covered. Blood is even spurting form what looked like a heart in grass. The blood then fades from everyone, but I could still feel it and I could smell and taste it as it was being sprayed. It pooled across the road. I had the urge to strip, jump in and wash.

The church was located at the bottom of slope in street resembling one in Warnambool, but steeper.

08/04/2008 Wacky Quite Involved Dream

Wacky dream.

Some people were being killed by demons and then revived. This would be evidenced by their eyes turning white, then their irises going a sickly yellow/pink colour. Their skin would also be covered in scabby legions which would eventually heal.

Some interdimensional creatures from the future were using portals to enter our universe and decimate our forests by ring barking the trees.   Originally two portals opened on the beach and a large purple elephant type creature emerged. No amount of shooting with a fairly high powered machine gun would affect the creature as it slowly lumbered along the shore prior to engaging a cloaking device.

My partner then went on to explain the creature, their portals and various other information. I think we must have destroyed the second portal. The wreckage appeared to be a land driver 4wd. The first portal appeared to leave behind a large bulldozer shell or something similar. My partner examined the phone left on the unit in an attempt to garner information, or contact the other dimension. I taxed some equipment from the 4wd, including a hand held cb. The other dude went on to explain that none of the interdimensional creatures had ever been killed or captured and they would always come back for what they left behind (including disabled tech such as what we were examining).

I wound up conversing with one of the demond killed and supposedly they had the same powers as me and were just as strong (I’d be imbued with the ability to fly and a host of other as yet undiscovered talents). I was trying to fly but could only get a few meters off the ground and would be unable to do much else. At one point I was above a grassed car park when a whole lot of portals began to unwind. There were a few more like me hovering in the air and we tried to zap the interlopers, but could not engage any magical powers. The cloaks of the creatures engaged as they moved into the surrounding forest and in short order, ring barked all the trees and warped back to their own dimension.

The dream continued on in much the same fashion for quite some time.

12/06/2007 – Seems to be the first detailed dream recollection I have

I was on a bus trip over seas somewhere. We were driving around through a jungle at stages, and a dry mountainous region at times. I appeared to have missed my stop as I think heard some of my friends calling my name. Despite this I fell asleep. I woke up and the myself and three others were at some sort of complex that appeared to be in an Asian country – there we bilingual signs in English and some Asiatic script.

The operators said were had been abducted to work in a camp for a week. I began to demand to speak with the Australian consulate. Such demands were not met. We were lead inside to what appeared to be an underground complex. We had to empty our pockets and place all of our possessions in the green bags you can get from the supermarket. I was not keen on giving up my mobile as it appeared to be an advanced version of a lap top and thus contained my life on it.

Once we emptied our pockets, we had to strip and place all our clothes in the bags too. Once this was done we had to put on blue smocks, baby spew coloured pants, latex gloves on our hands and feet and some sandals. I wound up in a cell/room talking with an ancient while the rest of my companions (and a considerable number of others) were placed on a train. As the train took off, it keeled over crashed, blew up and killed everyone n board. The guards ten said that tomorrow, our job would be to clean up the mess.

The ancient was giving me the heads up on my situation. Supposedly travellers had been getting abducted for years never to be seen again. We were destined to be worked for years, not the week we were told we would be required for. During this time I was plotting my escape and clutching my green bag. The only problem was that I could not figure out where to head as I had no idea where on the planet I was and the innate knowledge of which way was north appeared to be on the fritz.

I complained to the guards that I was sick of sitting around doing nothing and as it was a work camp, I wanted work. At the very least, that would allow me to get out earlier. At this the guards smiled. I said that I supposed they thought that was ironic as they only way out was on a stretcher (presumably dead). Amusing for them, not so for me given my immortality. They got me to follow a 4 year old outside to do some work. The work turned out to be killing a new born. “Stepping on it should do the trick” the 4 year old said. I baulked at this so the 4 year old shot the baby dead. Some old dude took offence to this and shot the 4 year old dead. Some Kenyan guars appeared and shot the old guy dead and trained their guns on me. I meanwhile appeared to be cowering under a bush. The guards then apologised to me saying they did not realise it was me / that I was new here.

At about this stage I was introduced to the leader of a bunch of mercenaries. The leader appeared to resemble a Hollywood actor of the tall blonde heroic type but I think he looked more like Richard Branson. Not long after this a Matthew McConaughey look alike was trying to get me to cook some burgers with him on a weird assed tandoori oven (it appeared to be inside out). I was refusing to do so as I was not sure as to how lenient the guards were, even if they appeared to be treating me quite differently to the rest of the abductees. Due to my refusal he was getting frisky and splashing me with warm greasy water. I wandered off past some weird looking compound resembling a beer garden populated with some more mercenaries. I washed myself under a down spout and as I wandered back to the main complex, one of the guards was with mercs in the beer garden as giving me nasty looks. (this sentance makes sense in dream context)

All the while I continued plotting my escape, wondering where to head and how to get my possessions before I fled.

The dream then cut to the inside of a helicopter where the pilot and co-pilots had night vision wetware implants. They were discussing their next abduction – a bus load of documentary makers in the area.

This swung to a scene of the docco makers in a swamp (it appeared to be somewhere in Florida) They were busy docco making. I got the impression that they would be the key to my escape.

My last thoughts were I should write this all down when I woke up, but I was not keen on waking as this was only act one of the dream and I would be unlikely to resume when I fell back asleep.  I guess by this, is was partially lucid.

The dream appeared to have a detached/tongue in cheek feeling.

02/10/2005 Extended Dream Record

This dream began at a pub of nightclub sort of location (similar to the Astrodome in Traralgon). However, this was fairly fluid as the setting keep morphing. As the band was setting up, I kept feeling fat rain drops falling on me. By the time the band was good to go, it looked as if we were outside, in front of a huge cave/aircraft hanger type of structure.

It was a cross between daylight and early evening. As the band began to play, they were suddenly in cars, doing doughnuts on the slick mud in front of the audience (who were seated in foldable chairs). The band seemed to be trying to scare the audience by making their cars come as close as possible to the audience. They appeared to be doing a good job. The next thing I knew, the cars were on water (same venue which had turned into a lake around the size of a soccer field and around 10 meters deep) and we (myself and several unidentified others) were trying to sink the band’s cars (it appears we had wound up with out own car). These cars were normal cars, that somehow were able to float on water and get traction and everything. We managed to sink a few of the bands cars (all but one I think) before being sunk down the far end of the stadium.

At this point I was the only one of the audience left (alive?) – there was no one else around and I was at the bottom of the lake, able to see clearly and to breathe. I could see the band on the surface. They had torches and were trying to locate an item on the bottom of the lake. I was making sure to avoid their lamps, while stalking them with the intention of killing them all.

Even though it was night, I had no problems seeing. In the far right corner of the lake I found a weird ring – it was all bony and appeared to fit over multiple joints. There appeared to be a Gigerish or dragon design on it. I had to clean it up, but it would not fit on any of my fingers. This being so, I still stuck it on my pinkie as well as I could.

The dream went on for sometime, with the number of band members diminishing until only one remained. I made my way to what looked like a tomb at the front of the lake. When I got in front of the tomb it appeared to be a BBQ – a very large version of the one at my parent’s house.

Where the wood would usually go, many kitchen implements as well as unidentified objects were placed. I picked up a cross between a tuning fork and a regular eating fork (it was long and skinny and a bit dainty, with two sharp tines. The remaining band members were instantly under the water with me confronting me about my “weapon”. We appeared to be using telepathy to communicate. What was I intending to do with the weapon? I had to explain my way out of it so he did not think i was going to use it kill him. (quite a difficult task telepathically, thanks to needing to mask a few thoughts and get the feel of the transmission correct). I made a point of saying that there were plenty of nasty looking knives in the tomb/BBQ which I would have selected if I had ill intent. there were many knives as well in the BBQ.

I woke up before anything further happened.