Bit of a strange one

Setting – angel (<illegible, maybe ancient) Britain/Egypt. I appeared to be a medico and had saved the emperor’s life and received a pardon for something. Despite that, I was being put to death. There was a big (illegible) for this. We would walk up to a gallows type construction and be processed. I was walking with despondency.

I saw the grandson of the emperor who seemed to be a popular sports star (lacrosse? Footy?). I yelled at him what was happening and he was being noticed (eh < illegible). We appeared to be friends. I asked for another pardon.

It appeared my mother has a fish tank with a dead fish. She accused me of killing them, due to marbles being in a bowl of petunias. Cartoon “X” eyes on the fish. I had nothing to do with it. I started slapping her around and calling her a stupid bitch as I had nothing to do with the death of her fucking fish and they were going to (try and) kill me. I did not have time to spend at the bottom of a death pit pretending to be dead (immortality theme continued).

Fish both (<eh, illegible) with marble out of bathroom in Moe. Running mascara. Mother on knees. Flashes to wide cut of a river piled up with dead bodies. Many, many of them, with the implication O’s been somewhere there.

Alien Deep Cover Mission

I was an alien on a deep cover mission.  In an environmental suit that made me appear human.  Suit was powered.  Woke up one morning confused and not knowing what had happened.

Phone plugged in under bed and wired to frame.

It appears the plan was to take over.  In a large fancy restaurant eating.  Wound up in elevator. Liam Neison looked curiously at me and was saying it looked like there were buttons in my head (a mirrored elevator) and pressed I one.  My suit began to open.  Wound back in restaurant (instant).  Everyone looking.  Large metal neck bag now, but back in suit.  LN smoothing things over and leading me away.  He was one of us, but would be vivisecting me to make a show.  I had to choose my funeral flowers and plants as. Was feeling very confused and depressed and sad.

Next scene I (another character) am placing a brown paper bag with three bottles in it near a resort building.  I then enter the nearby wading pool and it gets deeper.  I go under water and bottles exude creating large area damage.  I get pushed along underwater and the pools move into some rapids which are predominantly brown rust coloured.  Apparently I needed to be underwater to survive the blast.  Then the bomb may have caused area damage, or it could have vaporised ppl in a blue flash. Thing unclear there.

After this, back in room.  Thing foggy. Seemed I was privy to the pacifist rebel plans as well as the invading/overtaking faction plans.  Fair bit if political subtext/side story going on.  Also a scene showing a diagram of environmental suit, physiology of us and power supply/suit specifications.

17/01/2011 Chatting to a dead guy while our dogs disagreed

I was with my dog, standing at a fence looking toward a caravan where a friend resided. He was lying on his back on a table in the van, dead, but unbeknownst to me (say about 90 yes old and half mummified). His dog was barking viciously at my dog. I was conversing with dead guy saying it was best I did not make it over for dinner as our dogs were not getting along (not sure if this was actually talking to myself as my friend was not answering, or actually talking with the dead guy). Next thing, the dead guy is stretching backwards, head tipping back, mouth open in a silent scream. At this point I realised he was dead.  Not bad range of motion for a mummified long dead person.

Flash to the next scene. I wake up and somehow, the same guy’s foot is attached to mine by the sole. I somehow get to a hospital where nobody will tend to me. My foot hurts and I am worried that my blood will be poisoned by the attachment to the dead, decomposing dude’s body. I seem to have had a conversation with my father in the circular hallway about something not related to my predicament. Not long after, our feet separate (I did not experience the actual separation, just realised it had happened after the event).  All the remained was a small indentation where my foot met the dead dude’s foot.

25/06/2010 Vampire strangeness and dropping dead


I turned a human into a vampire, though I did not appear to be one. The rest of the dream involved a lynch mob trying to destroy an ancient vampire, a debate on why destroy something people did not understand and ended with the old vampire giving a long wavy haired brunette the option of dying or becoming an immortal.


Brad Tressider dropped dead of an unknown aliment, surprising everybody.

23/08/2007 Sex Swapping Dream & Lots of Dying

I was a female. I was being chased by someone who looked like he had spikes all over his skin. I was being called the light girl. I then wound up in 1980 and was setting up shop in an office building run by one of my friend’s uncles. In the back there were three fire places and a collection of people I would work with in the present.

There was some obstacle course that I needed to learn or else I would be killed. The dream played out very similar to a movie called Next. I kept getting killed, only to learn how to avoid getting killed.

I’d been out for dinner with another girl and was taking her back to my place, but when we got to the rear of the office block, all that was there was a bus depot. I appeared to be licking an ice cream

09/09/2005 Dreaming

Apparently my new anti-migraine tablets are supposed to cause bad dreams (not that this was disturbing, just bad in the “eh? What is going on” sense of the word).

I am my mother when she is in her early 20’s. I am driving down the bottom or Moore St in Moe and it is dark, no lights and road works are underway – there are many orange posts marking out the lanes and creating a swirvy route. The road is wet, though it is not raining. The next thing I know I have driven off the road and died. I pop up in a swamp next to a tan 4wd. There are reeds as far as you can see in every direction. Myself, my two kids and a group of other dead? people are milling around. It is warm. We do not appear to be injured (or dead for that matter).

23/07/2003 Surviving fatal heart attack

I was in a fast food store and for some reason I had a fatal heart attack. As a result I slumped against a wall, slid down it and lay in a heap on the floor. The shop assistants (or whatever they are called in a fast food establishment) did nothing besides stare at my body. They did not call for assistance and seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole situation.

Due to the inaction of the helpful staff I got up myself and dialled 000 for assistance. I remember I sounded very shaky, but as I was dead, what could you expect!?

The location for this situation occurred in Moorabbin as far as I can figure in a corner shop with a Westerly and Northerly frontage.  The fixtures and paint in the establishment were all white