Telepathically Coached Bicycle Race (perhaps)

I was in a cycling race and there was a detached camera angle. Sort of like Zwift, but higher. There seemed to be a lot of coaching going on (not verbal and not via race radio, possibly telepathically). There were perhaps 20 riders in the race.


Strange Place for a MTB Race

Underground MTB work champ course. Looked like cave of the killer rabbit from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Ground was soft and loamy outside entrance. Lots of people wearing authentications on lanyards to avoid when trying to get to cavern.

Outside jumped in queue. Signup? No rider welcome page. Taking names and car rego only.

Rego was outside to left maybe 500m from cave.

Waiting for cyclists, no rush.

I appeared to be on Christies Road near Lillico headed north. The road had not much in the way of surrounding features. I was driving my car and behind a bunch of cyclists, waiting for them to crest a hill so I might have a passing opportunity.

As I crested the hill. the double white lines gave way to dashed lines and the road ahead was clear of oncoming traffic so I was free to pass.

Cycling & Old Friends

I was out on a training ride.  When I turned down Moore Street in Mo-Town, it appeared some sort of festival was on as the street was overflowing with people.

Halfway through I thought I saw ML and then, as I was entering the round about that crossed Haig Street, I spied LR, LB, some other L (maybe it was Gb) I supposedly knew and Di.  I said “Hi”.  All of them were wearing their year 12 formal clothes and all has the same body shapes and ages as they were in year 12.

I suggested we all catch up.  They agreed.

I also enquired as to what happened with LR and Facebook as she appeared to have dropped off the face of the planet.  Was it something to do with her new bf and what L and I got up to in chat now and then?

Sometime later, I was riding onto the freeway.  I was wearing baggy shorts and a sleeveless under-shirt.  The left handlebar seemed to be at chopper height and the right one at normal height.  The scene kept alternating between 1st and 3rd person.