Dina Meyer followed by wet mountainous roads (2 dreams)

Dream 1

Dina Meyer was at “Gibbs’s” from the NCIS tv show’s house. We were having a fun flirty time.  She had to leave. I began sucking her right nipple and shortly she was asking me to bonk her. I did so. A tad strange she was herself and not the character from the show.  I am not sure what Gibbs was doing, if I was Gibbs or if I was cycling bodies.

Dream 2

I was driving along what appeared to be roads near Mt Baw Baw or out the back of Falls Creek. It was wet and the road would periodically be covered in deep water. One section of Road I passed became like a water pipe had burst with water welling up in a thick fountain. A section of road in front of me looked unpassable so I got out if my car and had a close look. I decided to go back to my car and wait. At this stage, another car magically appeared parked on the road in front of mine. I took a while getting back into my car as I was climbing over the roof and bonnet as I did not want to get my feet wet. The car was my old one.


Werewolf Trannies and Alien Plots

Dream 1

I was seated on the other side of the coffee table and naked person was playing with their tits across from me. Apparently I need this to turn into a werewolf. It turns out I needed to watch a shemale get off to transform. The werewolf was pretty bad. Looked like a bad attempt at trying to dress up like the devil. Pitiful little horns, some bad skin and red/brown skin colour.

Next the TS was to my left and they had a huge cock. I grabbed it. Despite being hard, it was warm and soft. I wanted it in me.

It was instantly on its back on the floor pulling my cock and begging me to come all over her/it/him. Something something?

Third person view. Hair salon? Office? The TS is looking in the mirror. Makes a comment about two weeks off and surgery. Collegue gives them a closer look. Adam Apple scar? Not sure. They definitely did not know about the TS’s Tsedness.

I walk into whatever workplace it is and start snogging the TS. I think she had her cock out of and was tugging it. Not sure. I do know I did not care what anyone thought.

Dream 2

This one seem to start halfway through. A bunch of men were trying to overthow the planet. Something something.

In a cave. All the men look similar. One says to the other something like “I have to see your ugly face again”. It is an in joke. They are all wearing masks. They are apparently aliens with purply red skin and if you took off the human mask.

They all start celebrating. A grey-haired observer, obviously out of place, but on noticed (me? Someone else? David Attenborough? Phil Liggett?) Is in the centre of the crowd. Aparrently me (or them) has been investigating this collection of people.  At this point wondering what had gotten themselves/myself into and why nobody was worried in the slightest about my presence.

Very odd dream with changing POV’s

I was in a facility about to give birth. My daughter (say about 8yrs) was present. A medico was giving me a perineal massage and then stuck about 3 fingers in me and said to push.  I felt no sensations. A baby popped out with little efffort.  The dream then went into 3rd person mode.  I was about 5 and my daughter’s Daddy.  We were sitting side by side.  I was blonde with straight hair.  The baby was very small (and thankfully not making any noise at all). Something about uploading or mind transfer.  Someone (me perhaps) was kicking up a stink about this saying I was not here Daddy as they were dead.  My daughter was getting upset as this as I was her Daddy.

2 story house.  Elevated balcony.  Underneath maybe like a beach house.  A couple of academics discussing how I could be transferred to a new body.  Seems they needed to grow them at the normal rate which is why my body was so young (why they put me in a female body I do not know).

I’m female and an assassin?

I woke in a cave. I was female. I was strapped to some sort of medical examination chair/table.

I somehow escaped killed everyone and returned home via some corporate where I found out who I was.

When I returned home my keys would not work though the roller door opener opened the roller door and flipped a blue car.

I was then inside the scoping from the old man that I was somehow that I was someone else and had been kidnapped years ago and experimented on. Evidence of this was a series of radiating/arced welts on the side of my body. I also found out I could not be killed unless my head was mangled and that was the same for those I had killed in the cave.

Flash to an interlude with three silver of gold lyca clad females revived and heated.

Next I was in an orange car with a traitor and needing to reverse it I was having trouble. Three of the revivees ran into my house, not seeing me. I go to the back of the carport, back into a white van and headed back to the corporate HQ.

In the stairwell I dispose 2 of the 3.

Not sure about the other. Not sure if I was coming or going. Also not sure if the stairwell scene took place before or after getting home.

Body hoping old flame

I was in the car with Liz R. We had just completed a bike ride (commute I think) and I was
driving her back to her place. I was seducing her during the drive bur caressing her back.
She pulled over for some weird dream logic. I then appeared to jump into her body and I was some skinny guy with a drug addled look.

Apparently I was a dog…

I was a dog who’d run about 20kms to work.  Someone then wanted to replace my body with another one (at which point I appeared to be human), and I wanted to make sure the new dog would have longer or the same length legs so the 20km run to work would not be harder on short legs. We then went looking for the original dog while looking at the new one which has stumpy legs.

First time I’ve been in the body of a non human (as far as I can remember).

19/12/2014 CO3 and strange realities

When drinking CO3 mixed with water, a bright flask would transport (3 of) us into a photo. If the picture was of a real event, we would be transported there and we could affect events. If it was a drawing, we would wind up in it.

One would stay in reality, 2 would enter.

Something about supplicates (?) and <illegible> are being visible.

Something about a huge, dim, brown and gold themed church and some sort of hostage situation and a book of magic. Very long detailed dream that survived waking three times. The detail did not carry across to the waking world.

Prior to this, I was jumping characters. Two of them had been shot and one, who had a bicep wound began to piss blood from the wound. The bicep deflated and blood was everywhere and I was assisted to where I could lie down. Warm and sticky. Fear of death, but dream shifted to the CO3 story line.

Seem to have been located at derelict building.  Was discussing job prospects with former colleague Tara.  She said she would confer with Jan who had supposedly been one if our managers.

02/09/2014 – I am not a man!

One of the guys is shot in the leg from far behind the 4wd. The shooter is not visible. I get the impression I know the shooter, possibly my husband. We decide it is best to move away and hid in the reeds. A strange plan given the reeds were no more than 40-60cm in height and not thick enough to offer much cover at all. We all head to the right of the vehicle.
At this point I wake with a huge headache.

Alien Deep Cover Mission

I was an alien on a deep cover mission.  In an environmental suit that made me appear human.  Suit was powered.  Woke up one morning confused and not knowing what had happened.

Phone plugged in under bed and wired to frame.

It appears the plan was to take over.  In a large fancy restaurant eating.  Wound up in elevator. Liam Neison looked curiously at me and was saying it looked like there were buttons in my head (a mirrored elevator) and pressed I one.  My suit began to open.  Wound back in restaurant (instant).  Everyone looking.  Large metal neck bag now, but back in suit.  LN smoothing things over and leading me away.  He was one of us, but would be vivisecting me to make a show.  I had to choose my funeral flowers and plants as. Was feeling very confused and depressed and sad.

Next scene I (another character) am placing a brown paper bag with three bottles in it near a resort building.  I then enter the nearby wading pool and it gets deeper.  I go under water and bottles exude creating large area damage.  I get pushed along underwater and the pools move into some rapids which are predominantly brown rust coloured.  Apparently I needed to be underwater to survive the blast.  Then the bomb may have caused area damage, or it could have vaporised ppl in a blue flash. Thing unclear there.

After this, back in room.  Thing foggy. Seemed I was privy to the pacifist rebel plans as well as the invading/overtaking faction plans.  Fair bit if political subtext/side story going on.  Also a scene showing a diagram of environmental suit, physiology of us and power supply/suit specifications.