Very odd dream with changing POV’s

I was in a facility about to give birth. My daughter (say about 8yrs) was present. A medico was giving me a perineal massage and then stuck about 3 fingers in me and said to push.  I felt no sensations. A baby popped out with little efffort.  The dream then went into 3rd person mode.  I was about 5 and my daughter’s Daddy.  We were sitting side by side.  I was blonde with straight hair.  The baby was very small (and thankfully not making any noise at all). Something about uploading or mind transfer.  Someone (me perhaps) was kicking up a stink about this saying I was not here Daddy as they were dead.  My daughter was getting upset as this as I was her Daddy.

2 story house.  Elevated balcony.  Underneath maybe like a beach house.  A couple of academics discussing how I could be transferred to a new body.  Seems they needed to grow them at the normal rate which is why my body was so young (why they put me in a female body I do not know).

Cycling In Adverse Conditions.

I was off on a solo bike ride, apparently in the hills about the back of Yarragon and there has been a lot of road works.  There was deep wet sand on the roads.  Bicycles were supposed to detour for a very short time up a gravel side road.  At the bottom of the hill, there was some water across the road, about ankle deep.  If I turned left at an intersection, I’d need to so a little bit more climbing.  Turning right, and I’d need to swim.

Car drivers were trying to drive through the water, despite the river clearly overflowing, the bridge being very much under water and so forth.  A couple of cars were now floating and a few others had sunk.  I was thinking that time and again, drivers are told not to be idiots and try driving through flood waters and they apparently never listen, or are just plain idiots.

High Profile Actors Infiltrate my Dream Characters

I remembered lots more of this at 4am when I woke, but I did not want to disturb my sleeping companion by turning on the light and recording this, so it is now quite faded.

Colin Firth was a butler who was quite grumpy.  We brought him a kitten to cheer him up and patted it while holding it close to his face.  Set in Crown Casino Melbourne lobby, but actual location Perth.

I flew in the lobby and out a window in full view of the general public.  I was giving this second thoughts, but figured what the heck, I wanted to go for a fly.

A well known female actress played a part as did Adam Driver.  What parts I now do not know.

While flying, I decided to head for Queensland despite thinking this was a long flight.  Curiously, this was over water.  A square of water was glowing and it shorted out (best way to describe it), my flying ability. I landed in the square and the lights went out.  There were traps all over the place to prevent me (apparently specifically) from leaving the area.

The female character was then with me and despite being about 5 kilometres off shore, we were back on the beach at the entrance to the hotel.  This is where the grumpy butler was and shortly presented with the kitty.

Lady a Bee Hive?

There is a park. Lady on the bench. There is a swarm of bees. The lady reopened her nasopharyngeal passage and the bees want under her funky looking glasses and a up her nose. Was she saving the day? Did the bees live there? Was she dead? Strange 10 second dream all I’m doing is just observing the scene.


Second Biggest Foot Race in Australia Apparently a Shuttle Run

I had made it to the final of the second biggest running race in Australia. It was a shuttle run where then winner gets $100 000. I came in second. No mention was made of the winnings. I had to find details on line.

The winner got 100 000, second 10 000 deg? And 3rd 1000 arc seconds.

It turns out I was to get $23 000. That was great as it would take care of my credit cards and leave plenty to spare.

Busted phones and being caught by the Galactic Police

Dream 1

I had wrapped a hair tie around the top of my mobile phone. After the hair tie was removed (maybe months later), the screen was frosted where the tie had been. Scratching the glass resulted in spider cracks on the screen. A bit of frosting on the left side of the screen did not result in cracks when rubbed. I remembered thinking this should be covered under warranty as the pone was not old and a hair tie should not damage the screen.

Dream 2

I was a member of an outlaw start ship crew and we’d finally been caught by the Galactic Authorities. They put a chip in the back of my skull as I was getting a suspended sentence that also stopped me from accessing data for six months. The chip first accesses the Internet and I could see everything as if it was in a head up display prior to my access being blocked. I was thinking that was not a good way to block me as I got right into hacking the connection open, at which point, I’d have unrestricted access to EVERYTHING.

My Own Take on Aliens?

Lots of varied and interesting dreams recently. Also lots where I do reality checks like rereading text. Recall of recent dreams is poor.

Dark. Being chased by xenomorph’s. I am the only one left. There is a dropship I need to get into. The cockpit is accessed via a flip canopy like a fighter jet. I run outside and jump onto the roof and manage to get inside. Somehow I know how to fly it. I take off and climb at a steep angle back to the mothership.

Once there I wonder how to get in. I position my ship under the airlock and find an appropriate switch on the touch panel to open the outer hatch.

I OMS myself up. Once in the docking bay the dropship is just floating. Rather than land on the inner hatch, I manage to get hooked to the correct dohicky (gimbal perhaps?)

Now I am out of the dropship and settling into the mothership, I’m expecting a xenomorph to appear. None do.

Some fuzzy details and now the ship is on autopilot back to earth.

More fuzzy details.

The cockpit has detached. I’m on earth and flying along the cable system to the companies headquarters. Once there i’m reporting in but the guy at the reception desk Has no record of my trip. He waves an almost blank A4 sheet of lined paper at me to show me.

I explained/complain the same thing happened when I came out of a 50 year hyper sleep. Reception has trees in pots and was pretty small.

Trying to ignore the ex

I was with my current gf at a food court and somehow she sat down next to psycho ex gf. I was sitting opposite the ex doing my best not to notice her. After a while, current gf starts to stare at ex.  I think something bad might happen, but current gf say to ex “I like your hair”.  They are both red heads.

Deep Sea Diving and Attempts at Possession

Dream 1

Simulation of a deep sea dive. Surprisingly realistic descent given we were in a small rectangular box. About half way down, things went bad and I exited to see what the problem was.

Dream 2

A child was possessed by a creature out of the bad TV movie Residue. Every time I tried to exorcise him, the creature vanished. It was also trying to possess me. My eyes started to go dark, but I manage to reject it.