Cartoon Rendered Parallell Universe

Something about a rocket, sabotage, alternate universes and Lady Ga Ga.

Not sure if one long and detailed dream or a few.

Alternate universe section was rendered as a cartoon.


Plant Infection

There was a plant that looked like a cross between alfalfa and four leafed clover that used humans as a host. An infected was going around infecting others.  For some reason there were four of us in a bed that looked like a large version of the bed I grew up sleeping in. There were plants behind glass on the book shelf. As we slept the infected one (told via back story/flashback), crept into a ic cave and flipped the lid on a carton of ice cream. In it was a single green sprout. Things get fuzzy and we flash back to the three of us (not include infection guy), then becoming infected.

Green shoots are sprouting everywhere. We spy a hardware store and the plan is to drink some round up. One of us breaks the front door. There is glass everywhere. I have no shoes. I managed to get indie without cuts (fuzzy how that happened) and my party look for the phone book and I pick up an old black phone and test it for a connection. It is dead. The inside of the store now resembled a museum piece like what one would see in a place such as Old Gippstown.

“We” forget about the roundup, though I am still thinking about it and wondering why we have forgotten about it.

Dental Issues (Dream 2)

All my teeth had been pulled out due to a neuralgia issue. Either me or the dentist then added red paint pen dots to all the teeth. I may have been making a necklace out of them.

I was not getting dentures. My mouth (lips?) looked a bit sunken.

Dream or Memory? (Dream 1)

Something with the Teenage Mutant Turtles in it. Pretty sure it was a dream and not a replay of something I’ve seen as the rendering was exactly the same as the 80’s cartoon. The turtles were trying to get over some moving platform obstacle before some other farcical creatures and the losers would go back to the dungeon for a month.

Also a scene, wide angle where a glowing yellow/green rope is dragged through a tunnel – flat floor, domed roof.   Stonework. The Turtles get caught up in it and dragged along.

Body hoping old flame

I was in the car with Liz R. We had just completed a bike ride (commute I think) and I was
driving her back to her place. I was seducing her during the drive bur caressing her back.
She pulled over for some weird dream logic. I then appeared to jump into her body and I was some skinny guy with a drug addled look.

Poltergeist ripp off // nonsensical book

Dream 1:

Some girl was being seen in the walls of a house. A rope was stuck in a portal of the all in her bedroom. Pulling on the rope apparently would (eventually) retrieve the girl. Everyone one else thought she was dead. Portals at the other end seemed to be in a lounge room ceiling, as evidenced by a rope and some weird cloud thing on ceiling and wall of bedroom. Basically some strange version of Poltergeist.

Dream 2:

I was reading a book. I knew it made no sense and was thinking there was no point remembering what I was reading, as when I woke there was not much point recollecting gibberish.

Pretty Fuzzy Work Dream

I cannot recall the guts of this dream.  However it reference a dream I had some time ago where I was employed at my old work updating documentation,

An yes…at my current work, a guy a guy was demonstrating the MAS100 air sampler.  It now came in a big metal box.  He’d added a rack for petri dishes, a brush, a little stand/seat and something else.

The stand was made from wood.  I was wondering how that got past QS as no wood should ever be taken into a clean room environment.

A bit of a strange one

Began as a scene from Continuum in a post apocalyptic setting. Kiera was geared up and was telling a blonde and possibly her daughter that she must leave to search for something.
Net it switches to a HUD and both K and the B have red circles around them which then have red crosses that sort of slide in/focus is the circles.

POV of “gremlin”. Gun gun. Looks like the Stausman puppet. Big ray gun. Shot hole in chest of a fat guy at top of stairs. I try shooting it with regular gun. It gets to the kitchen. I wind up with the gun. Shoot holes in counter. Shoot bigger hole in counter. Switch to max and a cat gets in the way. It explodes in a puff of fit. Gun out of power. Double adapt it into a power board as charger would not fit on gun. Not sure if killed gremlin or not as not sure if dream continued after that.