Murdering a second cousin

I’d poisoned and then disposed of a female who as the dream continued, turned out to be a second cousin and as the dream continued, appeared to have been poisoned by her father.

Surveillance tapes hinted at me, though the tapes were lost.  Something bout a skull on a boot.

I think at one point of the dream there was thoughts that this was a repeating dream (though nothing to do with the killing, relatives or any other major event – maybe just the location which was around where my cousin’s parent lived.


Theatre and lost snogs

Seemed to start in a theatre where a performance was being given.  Sad main performer.  In the final scene him (or a dummy) fell onto the guests of honour (though not in a injurious way).

My gf has departed in the last act and some other female had replaced her.  The replacement wanted/suggested we take leave and snog.  We conducted a circuit of the facility which now appeared to be a leisure resort.

We kept passing a pool and at one point, the surroundings resembled the front of a mansion from a previous (sort of recent) dream.

No snogging was to be had.  Maybe a feeling of elicit longing.