Riding at night with no helmet

I’d bought a motorcycle at night and was riding it home.

I realised I did not have a helmet. The cops pulled me over and took me to the station. At the station, we had a discussion and they sent out  an undercover cop to check things out at the dealer.

I got to wear a patch saying I was related to a police officer so I could ride the motorcycle home without a helmet.


Some oddness

Lots of dream snippets these last few weeks.
Dream 1:
Someone tried to have sex with me one morning. When I wetted his cock with saliva, he then said something like “You really wanted me to fuck you!” like he was not serious. I responded with “You were the one poking your cock between my arse cheeks. He then proceeded to fuck me.

Dream 2:
Thing themed. Set in a cargo ship. About eight of us. Take over us by physical contact. One was a mergy handshake and that was the only “special effect”. The second last one, I put my head in some goop on a table and went “oh no!”. Multiple person perspective. All mates?

Final scene on bot in conference room. Remaining human said “We have prepared for this.” At this point all the taken over humans had black eyes (yeah, stereotypical take over look). Something about the taken over humans being duplicates of people either dead or safely home. Probably dead as scene of an F1 driver crashed and dead with car being lifted by a crane and various people, including Iron Man fighting an unseen opponent at a grand prix.

Iron Man died after putting two track girls in his suit. A female voice was telling me “That was pretty cool”.

A triad of exes and work

Dream 1:
A five minute scene. <redacted> was back in town and we fucked. It was enjoyable but nothing to write home about. We only did missionary. She could not kiss well.

Dream 2:
Living in (recent) dream house. <redacted> lived in the back room. I had the front. There was a party. Next thing, <redacted> was living in the back room.
Something about stairs or an escalator in a 10? story building. Poor lighting – she was naked and skinny with a dark landing strip.

Dream 3:
Signing off on data in the <redacted> lab. Referencing a SOP saying make sure follow it as a WFI sample was in alert.

Environmental monitoring of heels


Chatting with <redacted> about life in the lab. I was angling to get back in. She said they now were required to contact plate / swab shoe heels in the lab. We looked at each other both knowing that was ridiculous.

I said I’d still be complaining about unnecessary monitoring if I was still there.