Dream narrated by Cartman from South Park

Patchy dream about chronotron particles causing chaos. When seen from space, incidents in a hexagon pattern.

Cartman from South Park was narrating and the dream was rendered South Park animation style.


Price on my head

Price on my head. Ambush with container trucks. Heads of crime organisations flow out of the truck. All wearing fur coats. Spirit me away. Price was $50k. This was towards the end of the dream. Much more to it.

Refugee Reserve “at work” and Renae feigns memory Lapse

I’d begun a microbiology job at my old work.  The lab was in a big shopping centre and appeared to be more of a trendy coffee bar.  There was a large walk from here to the actual lab.

The lab was crowed and noisy.  A place for me was found about 2 kilometres away in an industrial wasteland in a tent across a refugee “reserve”.

My old supervisor, Sue was who I now was reporting to.  Out most recent lab manager had left so we had a new one with a name I could not remember after being told it.  When I asked for it again, the name had changed (indicating this was a dream).

There was a secondary  theme about movies and drunk and Renae who saw me in a shopping centre and did not indicate she was aware I was back in the lab.

I was also advised that while crossing the refugee reserve, to not interact with or disturb the refugees.  They all appeared to be tall Africans.