My music teacher forgets me

I rolled up to my music teacher and for some reason he did not recognise me. He asked me what I could play and I played Killing in the Name very badly. He said it was good. I called bull shit.

I then brought out my music book which jogged his memory. He said “Don’t you usually ride here?” I said “Yes, but I drove today.”

The recital happened in a tunnel. Fuzziness leads to a cave where Michael Hutchence is trying to sing.

I said his singing became really good before things went tits up.


More a note about recent dreams than a recollection of a dream

Lots of dreams so far this year where I have thought I should document them when I wake up. Even one where a big TV screen was glitching and  I figured it was a dream.

None have been documented.

Last night all I can remember is a vague dream regarding auto fellatio.