You tube and a reanimation formula

White corridor. Semi secret door. <redacted> received a text that she was required at “the” cafe. Told me to follow in a minute. When I opened the door, before I close it, I put something like a do not disturb sign on the handle.

It took multiple attempts to get it not to fall off. The door would not close properly. It had shrunk and the tongue would not latch.

Big white corridor.

Spacious room with high ceiling and tables arranged like in a wedding. People looking at me. No <redacted>. I looked around before sitting in a spare seat.

<redacted> then appeared.

<redacted> showed up. He was 18 and not dead. He was there to tell me/us about something discovered on YouTube that brought people back from the dead.

It worked really well given he had been dead for about 25 years.

A rat was in a brown paper bag on the table. It was dead but reanimating.

I wondered if this was communicable. What would be the impact if it was non-discriminatory.


A bicycle race is about all I can recall

A mass start bike ride was starting from inside the rear of my parent’s newsagency.

Rather than a regular shed space, the building was warehouse sized.

I opened an old wooden cash register drawer at about the mid point.

I’m in Japan

The location seemed to be in some poor villages (low houses, lots of power lines).  I decided I would fly in plain sight of everyone.  I struggled and could only get about 5m off the ground.  What flight I did do was sluggish.

A 5 year old girl with a skateboard tugged on my leg and pulled me down. She wanted me to met her friend who was lonely. I’m not sure if the friend was the slim lady or a male with a cartoon like neck and head (think a beefy Team Fortress character).

The place I went to was a dump.  Clothes, rags, food scraps all in the entry way (more like a dingy Pervian hovel at this point) and lots of kittens.

To the left the house opened up.  Three people were present, skinny lady, cartoon head and a lady cooking a stir fry.

Skinny and cartoon followed me outside and we sat down at some Children’s furniture.

Lots more to the dream.  Flying towards a university over grass land before skateboard girl latched onto me.



Not sure what was going on here…

Scientist. CRISPR injection. Superhuman. Seemed to be simultaneously chered? / not by the guy so he could upgrade me. This did not make a whole lot of sense given I was fully supportive of his work.

There seemed to be a split observation of events going on here.

Over time, more and more in the sim white corridored complex were becoming cloned (for want of a better description). White coat tall.

Gelled white hair “mowhaked”. The main antagonist had shiny black pants/leggings/ At one point “trapped in hallway”. In alcove with fire extinguisher. Thought of braining one of the pursuers with it.

Strange slug creature and a murderer

Police officer confronts murderer. Asks where the bodies are. Murderer opens up car boot. Rummages around, spins around and throws a slug creature at the police officer.


Slug creature burrows into victim and eats him/her/it away from the inside.


The police officer had difficulty breathing and after about a minute, rapidly shrunk and was deposited next to four to six other consumed bodies.


This explained where the bodies went.

One thought track had them still alive. Other track investigated the murderer. He was immune to the slugs, though deformed it it/them.

Went to a card game. Holes in side of head where either the slug had been removed or was hiding.

Third party observation.