The 2nd dream was rather odd

Dream 1:
I was in a corner at work. My boss comes over. “I guess everyone can hear from here. Your trip to Moscow has not been approved”.

Dream 2:
Worried about money in my wallet. A stranger on a bike thought to be shadowing me.
A petrol station had a hotel out back. Room 80. When I found the “room”, it was a shelf on a wall.

Other “residents” evicted as not sharing the landlord belief in creation

Hotel had a blue collar theme. Strange setup. Alternated between clear land before the building of K-Mart in Moe and Matthew Flinders (but no resemblance).



It’s a road trip!

My old group of friends drove to Wangaratta and then we came back to Melbourne for some reason. I drove, while simultaneously not driving while the rest had their own car.
The main concern here was needed it to get back to Wangaratta so I could collect my car (which I’d driven to the party) so this did not make a lot of sense.

I think the next bit was part of the above dream. <redacted> had spat a big globby into someone’s face and I told him that was unacceptable.

He got out of the back seat of what appeared to be a 1970’s Valiant and tried to chest me. He was light and thin. I managed to overpower him. After that, he was pleasant though he did say, while we were sitting at what appeared to be a Tiki Bar, that he could spit in my face right now.

I replied that would be ill advised as I’d smash his head against the wall and cave it in.
No idea why this dream has people acting out of character.

Saying “fuck” at a job interview

I think I was at a job interview and I said “I’m a fucking microbiologist”. There was a big kerfuffle after that.

I said legally they could not take offense as a judge has recently ruled that “fuck” had entered the common vernacular and was now ok to use in polite conversation.

I think I was back at my old place of employment.

In real life, I’d seen an ad for a night shift microbiologist.

Chain of custody

Location:” parents’ old news agency. A group of people had entered the front and went out the back. I seemed to be hiding as was another person.

The other person planned to kill me. We wrestled. He got shot in the head. I left via the front after making sure his prints were on the gun.


Police looking at CCTV. Someone said they looked back into the shop via a hole in the wall. Saw someone leave (me). CCTV saw me and clear shot of face. Police said I was a  cool character to just saunter away.

Despite that dream taking place at about 3am and no lights on in the shop, CCTV has me in daylight and it was busy.

Dream changed track and rear of shop was unlocked. Maybe I could cast doubt and say someone else could have skilled the guy. Evidence that I did it was not even  circumstantial.

Some of the dream concentrated on how I could erase or manipulate the video and how that would not work due to chain of custody and the original being in the evidence store.
Multiple times during this dream I kept thinking I should record it when I woke.