Ants and Worms

I built a mound of dirt on an ant hill and it was in the shape of a dinosaur fin.

Soon the ants had moved into and integrated their structure.

A little later, a long worm was slithering through the ant hill (a little to the <raft?>) and I was thinking it was brave. Right after that, it was attacked by the ants.

Lots more to this dream, but it is really fuzzy. Something made me remember this dream on the way home from work.


The Death of my Mother

My mother seemed to be staying at my place and was using a chest of draws as a bed. She was simultaneously regular size as well as dwarf size. She was coughing and having trouble breathing and after a little bit, ceased to be alive.

I said, “rest now, forever sleep, earned it you have” channelling Yoda.

I then rang up my father and said “I have bad news”. He replied with “she’s dead, isn’t she”. MY voice cracked a little as I began the call.

I was then wondering how I was to ring her remaining siblings and break the news.

After that I was wondering where she’d left her funeral plans as somehow I was now the executor.

Something about something that could have been done to prolong her life discovered at the autopsy and the dream tried to make me feel guilty I could have saved her. I squashed that narrative right away. There is no sense agonising on what or what not may have happened following certain decision points.