Cycling In Adverse Conditions.

I was off on a solo bike ride, apparently in the hills about the back of Yarragon and there has been a lot of road works.  There was deep wet sand on the roads.  Bicycles were supposed to detour for a very short time up a gravel side road.  At the bottom of the hill, there was some water across the road, about ankle deep.  If I turned left at an intersection, I’d need to so a little bit more climbing.  Turning right, and I’d need to swim.

Car drivers were trying to drive through the water, despite the river clearly overflowing, the bridge being very much under water and so forth.  A couple of cars were now floating and a few others had sunk.  I was thinking that time and again, drivers are told not to be idiots and try driving through flood waters and they apparently never listen, or are just plain idiots.


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