Very odd dream with changing POV’s

I was in a facility about to give birth. My daughter (say about 8yrs) was present. A medico was giving me a perineal massage and then stuck about 3 fingers in me and said to push.  I felt no sensations. A baby popped out with little efffort.  The dream then went into 3rd person mode.  I was about 5 and my daughter’s Daddy.  We were sitting side by side.  I was blonde with straight hair.  The baby was very small (and thankfully not making any noise at all). Something about uploading or mind transfer.  Someone (me perhaps) was kicking up a stink about this saying I was not here Daddy as they were dead.  My daughter was getting upset as this as I was her Daddy.

2 story house.  Elevated balcony.  Underneath maybe like a beach house.  A couple of academics discussing how I could be transferred to a new body.  Seems they needed to grow them at the normal rate which is why my body was so young (why they put me in a female body I do not know).


Cycling In Adverse Conditions.

I was off on a solo bike ride, apparently in the hills about the back of Yarragon and there has been a lot of road works.  There was deep wet sand on the roads.  Bicycles were supposed to detour for a very short time up a gravel side road.  At the bottom of the hill, there was some water across the road, about ankle deep.  If I turned left at an intersection, I’d need to so a little bit more climbing.  Turning right, and I’d need to swim.

Car drivers were trying to drive through the water, despite the river clearly overflowing, the bridge being very much under water and so forth.  A couple of cars were now floating and a few others had sunk.  I was thinking that time and again, drivers are told not to be idiots and try driving through flood waters and they apparently never listen, or are just plain idiots.

Digging a Grave

– Large park at night

– Spying on vandals graffiting fence

– Two people wanted to bury a body. I was tasked with digging the hole

– Hole dug is a bed’s mattress

– The two girls I dig the hole for left town soon after.

Location seemed to be wide grassy city drain

I think I’m a spy


White suits (protective).

Three oil storage towers offshore. Me and one other to put explosive devices in them. Needed to remove the blue coverings from each tower, climb up using the inbuilt metal ladder, place device, recover and not be seen.

Well working on Tower one, suddenly they are much smaller and in the corner of a clean room. Technicians are approaching. We try to be invisible and when noticed walk away like we are meant to be there. We degown and some government official is nosy.

Hotel room. Bed. Official has a master access card. Asked what Holograms are for. Top one will tell him what is stolen.

Leaves room. Cream holograms are for. Top one will tell him what is stolen.

Leaves room. Dream knowledge says he will check our security badges for authenticity and they will not pass.

News paper announces we will face a firing squad of four Australian Navy officers that are visiting. at this point someone (perhaps me) is reading the article and placing cut out hats on the photo of me in the paper.

Flash to the firing squad. The shooters are women from a theatre company thinking they are there for an audition. I’m in two places at once. Being lined up and looking fat in tan pants and white shirt. My partner is in dark blue. I’m intructing the leaders to shoot us not fatally. They comply and after faking death for a few seconds I have to wear short we run away down the footpath we are not pursued. I am next heading towards the ocean for an extraction, wandering through the suburbs. The voice of my partner comes from a doorway, but it is not him. Inside the complex, a businessman is discussing the redevelopment of the site. Lots of security/police walking about and eyeballing me.

It turns out the main guy was a world of War Craft question partner from his ago. We leave “my” place (still in the foreign country) to catch up on our world of War Craft playing.

Entering home, there is graffiti in the floor, dripping water from the ceiling and are forced open rear door. The Place is split level.

On the upper level I find my wallet on the floor. It had been emptied of all contents with the exception of a single card. I do not have my bank details. I look to the sky and exclaim “Noooooooo!”