I’m female and an assassin?

I woke in a cave. I was female. I was strapped to some sort of medical examination chair/table.

I somehow escaped killed everyone and returned home via some corporate where I found out who I was.

When I returned home my keys would not work though the roller door opener opened the roller door and flipped a blue car.

I was then inside the scoping from the old man that I was somehow that I was someone else and had been kidnapped years ago and experimented on. Evidence of this was a series of radiating/arced welts on the side of my body. I also found out I could not be killed unless my head was mangled and that was the same for those I had killed in the cave.

Flash to an interlude with three silver of gold lyca clad females revived and heated.

Next I was in an orange car with a traitor and needing to reverse it I was having trouble. Three of the revivees ran into my house, not seeing me. I go to the back of the carport, back into a white van and headed back to the corporate HQ.

In the stairwell I dispose 2 of the 3.

Not sure about the other. Not sure if I was coming or going. Also not sure if the stairwell scene took place before or after getting home.