High Profile Actors Infiltrate my Dream Characters

I remembered lots more of this at 4am when I woke, but I did not want to disturb my sleeping companion by turning on the light and recording this, so it is now quite faded.

Colin Firth was a butler who was quite grumpy.  We brought him a kitten to cheer him up and patted it while holding it close to his face.  Set in Crown Casino Melbourne lobby, but actual location Perth.

I flew in the lobby and out a window in full view of the general public.  I was giving this second thoughts, but figured what the heck, I wanted to go for a fly.

A well known female actress played a part as did Adam Driver.  What parts I now do not know.

While flying, I decided to head for Queensland despite thinking this was a long flight.  Curiously, this was over water.  A square of water was glowing and it shorted out (best way to describe it), my flying ability. I landed in the square and the lights went out.  There were traps all over the place to prevent me (apparently specifically) from leaving the area.

The female character was then with me and despite being about 5 kilometres off shore, we were back on the beach at the entrance to the hotel.  This is where the grumpy butler was and shortly presented with the kitty.


Car crash and big dildo

Dream one

I was reversing my car and then I went to fast and knocked off the side mirror of a red car.

Mine had white damage to the paint.

I left a note

Dream two

A group of us were working on a medical dummy (I think) and after some forgotten activities we put a big strapon/vibrator on it. A big, very pink one

Lady a Bee Hive?

There is a park. Lady on the bench. There is a swarm of bees. The lady reopened her nasopharyngeal passage and the bees want under her funky looking glasses and a up her nose. Was she saving the day? Did the bees live there? Was she dead? Strange 10 second dream all I’m doing is just observing the scene.


Second Biggest Foot Race in Australia Apparently a Shuttle Run

I had made it to the final of the second biggest running race in Australia. It was a shuttle run where then winner gets $100 000. I came in second. No mention was made of the winnings. I had to find details on line.

The winner got 100 000, second 10 000 deg? And 3rd 1000 arc seconds.

It turns out I was to get $23 000. That was great as it would take care of my credit cards and leave plenty to spare.