Trying to ignore the ex

I was with my current gf at a food court and somehow she sat down next to psycho ex gf. I was sitting opposite the ex doing my best not to notice her. After a while, current gf starts to stare at ex.  I think something bad might happen, but current gf say to ex “I like your hair”.  They are both red heads.


Deep Sea Diving and Attempts at Possession

Dream 1

Simulation of a deep sea dive. Surprisingly realistic descent given we were in a small rectangular box. About half way down, things went bad and I exited to see what the problem was.

Dream 2

A child was possessed by a creature out of the bad TV movie Residue. Every time I tried to exorcise him, the creature vanished. It was also trying to possess me. My eyes started to go dark, but I manage to reject it.

Shopping and Sex (different dreams)

Dream 1

Something about shopping for a puffy jacket and some uninterested blonde shop assistant.

Dream 2

There was a documentary on TV. There were very explicit sex scenes. Not sure what that was in aid of and I was thinking that they had done a good job to convince so many couples to fuck on camera while the presenter chatted about the mating habits of humans or whatever.

A Glut of Ex Gf’s

Anu showed up and we boffed on the Friday night. After this Angela decided to just be friends and I think she was either out or with her family in Perth. Ren came over (perhaps she was living with me) and wanted to try out the nipple cream on me “as it had not been used” yet. She started getting amorous and was getting very wet.

We heard a car door and she pulled away starting to look like she was about to have had oof her jealousy fits.

I got up and went to the kitchen (Which resembled the Fisher Street residence) and Angela was there. She was skinny and had large brown areola. She wanted to get randy. I had thoughts of introducing Ren and her in bed but knew that would not end well.