A quite odd dream

I was hiding from someone in a hotel room (lots of fuzzy dream) and the resident came in and found me under the bed.  I think I was wearing a dressing gown.  They grabbed my crotch and then sucked me off, but not to conclusion.  They then whipped out their cock (quite small) and I sucked it until they almost came.  A condom was whipped out and some ass fucking took place.


Bloody fingers and rentals

Dream 1

My right pointer finger had a gash in it.  The skin looked like it would die.  My finger began spouting blood.  Much more than should have been possible given blood pressure and diameter of any arteries or veins.  Pressing the wound together and willing it to heal solved things.

Dream 2

I was checking out my gf’s sister’s rental as we’d been considering setting up shop in it.

Incorrect Order

The three pairs of glasses I’d ordered online arrived. The Oakley’s were light grey. not gunmetal. all pairs were sporty frame shapes. Not what I ordered. All were in kit form and came with clip on sunshades. Very odd.