Rome’s Looking Like Paris From This Freeway

Begin with a fuzzy Giro d’Italia storyline ending with us on hills outside Rome.

Rome looked more like Paris and seemed to be on a river delta by the sea or (a big lake). Our large convoy is making its way to Rome via some stepped down freeway which seemed to be under construction.

When we got to water level, the road ended. One of us called across to some workers asking how to (or help to) get onto the next section of road. They got in an enclosed lift and submerged.

Two or three of us were then on a concrete section just off from the road and it flipped over. Two of us were ditched into the water, I stayed on the concrete. The enclosed elevator rose up from the water.

I was now in the water trying to keep some sheet music dry. One other was near me. We both were dragged under, it appeared to be fresh, though murky green water. The papers now looking like a metal briefcase with caution/safety tape on it was dragging us down. I let go, but still could not make it to the surface.

As I was running out of air I was magically touching the bottom of the river/lake and was close to the shore, under a bridge. Lots of “track coughing” followed this.

A very illogically constructed dream.

Refer to attached picture.dream-rome-construction


Kite Rocket and a Journey

Only a partial recollection of a long dream.

I was flying a kite that appeared to be a rocket. I could not get it down so I cut the line and it flew off crashing some distance away.

I then embarked on a journey to retrieve it for reasons unknown. There was a blue string to follow. It hung over power-lines and buildings. I was bundling up string as I traced the location of rocket.

A bridge crossing lead me into “Dodgyville”. (Seemed to be Chandler Highway Bridge in Melbourne – the Northern side).

I travelled along a path and down an alley. In the green area (nicer variant of a section of Ashburton), I found the rocket in two pieces. I picked them up and began walking home. I think someone was in pursuit or else I need to avoid some dodgy people.