Sex and Work (separate dreams)

Dream 1.

Three women. One I got on with before moving on to her friend. We fucked standing up in the middle of Albert Street primary school oval. Some friends of my girlfriend were showing up in the distance so we tried to teleport to a secure location.

Dream 2.

I shacked up with the people I work with (location was my parents house). Dave was cutting up a double bed in the family room with a circular saw. At the end of all of this, there were no beds. I asked where people would be sleeping.


Girlfriend Becomes Short Lived Tranny

My girlfriend was using a plastic bread clip as a cock ring on herself – she had my penis.  Quite strange.  It made the cock large and swollen and transferred the skin indentation to mine (perhaps it had moved back to my body).

She looked quite strange with an engorged cock hanging between her legs.

Road Turns Into Elevated Causeway

I was driving along the road and over a crest and I got air. Next I was outside the car investigating. The bit where I became airborne had a dugout bit of road and the log was filling the divit. Next the road became an elevated causeway and I was climbing down to a part below. After this the dream changed direction and I was going to write a whole lot more but that was 12 hours ago and now I cannot remember any of what took place.