Training at Work

Something about pregnant trainees. I’m not sure if they were clothed or naked.


Devil Worshippers Try to Hack My Operating System

There was a party. One attendee was skinny with a goatee and eyeshadow.

By some tech we (or it was) discovered this guy was possessed by the devil. Some sort of ray immobilised them and the devil was extracted (other forgotten dream narrative) The devil was crucified in an old crypt and for later use, was turned to stone. They/he then began to tempt me (or control of my operating system). I refused. They hacked in and installed a new one (or gave themselves access) and rebooted.

The hacker appeared unsuccessful. Incidentally at this stage an R2-D2 unit was hosting the operating system as it appeared the operating system was an artificial reality simulator. Scene of examining control icons and apparently unsuccessful taking of hack in conjunction with pan of Trafalgar in Victoria

Car Dreams and a Procedural Drama

Dream 1.

A car that was a cube. Tan brown like the stone pool surrounds.

Dream 2.

Being tailgated on an English country road. When I got my camera out and started taking photos, they passed and sped off

Dream 3.

Procedural police drama. I had killed the Godfather or something and was busy planting PCR created misleading DNA, however my crew took with them a blood soaked bag and other equipment that could link me to the slaying. This dream was very long perceptually though once I woke up it faded fast.