Plant Infection

There was a plant that looked like a cross between alfalfa and four leafed clover that used humans as a host. An infected was going around infecting others.  For some reason there were four of us in a bed that looked like a large version of the bed I grew up sleeping in. There were plants behind glass on the book shelf. As we slept the infected one (told via back story/flashback), crept into a ic cave and flipped the lid on a carton of ice cream. In it was a single green sprout. Things get fuzzy and we flash back to the three of us (not include infection guy), then becoming infected.

Green shoots are sprouting everywhere. We spy a hardware store and the plan is to drink some round up. One of us breaks the front door. There is glass everywhere. I have no shoes. I managed to get indie without cuts (fuzzy how that happened) and my party look for the phone book and I pick up an old black phone and test it for a connection. It is dead. The inside of the store now resembled a museum piece like what one would see in a place such as Old Gippstown.

“We” forget about the roundup, though I am still thinking about it and wondering why we have forgotten about it.


Car Covered in Bird Droppings?

In an old Celica discussing how when covered in bird crap, it would leak into the car via the sunroof which had worn seals.

I climbed onto the roof for a look while it was being driven down a road.

The car morphed into a commodore and the driver refused to slow down/stop so I could get back in.

After much yelling I bent one of his wipers. He was annoyed and asked why did that? Rhetorical question or what? He stopped.

Lots of me hanging off the bonnet here.

Also a couple of sex based dreams I have since forgotten.