Dental Issues (Dream 2)

All my teeth had been pulled out due to a neuralgia issue. Either me or the dentist then added red paint pen dots to all the teeth. I may have been making a necklace out of them.

I was not getting dentures. My mouth (lips?) looked a bit sunken.


Dream or Memory? (Dream 1)

Something with the Teenage Mutant Turtles in it. Pretty sure it was a dream and not a replay of something I’ve seen as the rendering was exactly the same as the 80’s cartoon. The turtles were trying to get over some moving platform obstacle before some other farcical creatures and the losers would go back to the dungeon for a month.

Also a scene, wide angle where a glowing yellow/green rope is dragged through a tunnel – flat floor, domed roof.   Stonework. The Turtles get caught up in it and dragged along.

WWI Spy and another secondary dream

Dream 1:

I was a WWII spy infiltrating Germany at night.  Once I got past the beach full of mines and shiggawire, I would in a village. I entered a house through the roof and the manhole in the laundry and found myself in the bathroom where I was half dressed – German pants only. I was hiding behind the door while either a guard or a commandant was investigating noises. This felt like hours and was full of trepidation.

Eventually it was day and I pulled the pin.  I successfully snuck back to the laundry.  This involved moving along a hallway, through a large open plan kitchen and then back into the roof.  The roof space was set up like a bolt hole and had lots of sheets or clothing padding out the area.  I picked up thoughts that the material around the exhaust fan should not be allowed to stop is, otherwise the Germans would know about the roof space.  After a while I found myself on the roof hiding under a sheet.  A town’s people saw me.  I thought I should move.  He picked up on these thoughts and stated he would inform the postman.  I fled.  Somehow I got off the roof and headed for the forest.  A German in a pointy helmet riding a bike was headed my way out if the tress towards the village.  I froze out in the open in my English uniform.  He passed right by me.  I headed to the beach.  As it was daylight I was wondering how to get past the sentries etc.  I turned on a predator style cloak and made it through

Dream 2:

Probably more to this.  I was at the doctor is being examined some time after an accident.  The scabs on my left knee were gone.  My right was still pretty scabby.  I had upper body injuries as well, though I was fully functional.  The first thing the dr wanted to see was my knees.  I was wearing grey cargo pants.

I’m not sure if it was part if this dream or another one, but I was either talking with or discussing something about my future self who was meant to come back from about 500years from now with future intel and a wetware upgrade package.