Two long and involved dreams pale upon recollection

Dream 1:

There was an alien invasion. At the start it appeared to be “civilised”. After a while, they got annoyed with the shrimp. Apparently they were sick of seafood cocktails and started running up everything on the planet for later eating while they destroyed any shrimp they found immediately.

The planet seemed more proto – lots of rocks and the appearance of volcanic desert.

Dream was very long and involved.

Dream 2:

I’d started my first day as an auditor for the TGA. I was wandering around the facility not knowing what to do, or who I was supposed to be reporting to. Apparently I’d just wandered in. When I was on the second floor, someone asked who I was and what I was doing. After explaining things, I went back down stairs. I was given a uniform with a very scratchy woolen jacket. I never put it on and in the next scene, there were three or four trainees (wearing the uniform), while I was in my civvies looking unprofessional. I was worried that it did not look good I was wandering around clueless and had not asked anyone for assistance – great way to start a new job!

For some reason we were wandering around a large atrium in the middle of the facility. The facility was huge and on site at a pharmaceutical plant.

Another long, involved dream.


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