Papers Please

I was sitting on a park bench, or strolling through the city and a bill board was advertising Border Force and how everyone needed their papers.  It was a faded or 50’s style of drawing.


Apparently I was a dog…

I was a dog who’d run about 20kms to work.  Someone then wanted to replace my body with another one (at which point I appeared to be human), and I wanted to make sure the new dog would have longer or the same length legs so the 20km run to work would not be harder on short legs. We then went looking for the original dog while looking at the new one which has stumpy legs.

First time I’ve been in the body of a non human (as far as I can remember).

Strange reality and dodgy tennis court

Dream 1:
I was browsing online dating profiles and kissing them.  One of them was an actual person we are heavy petting and so we wound up in my bed.  I appeared to either be at my parents place or in a hotel as I needed to shut my door.  The hall light / corridor light was on.

Dream 2:
Tennis court.  Murderous people.  Threats of nipple chopping off.  I was about 9.  Lots more detail than this, such as the bad peope jumping over the fence to get tools to unlock the gate (so why thye did not jump the fence is curious).