25/04/2015 Three dreams tonight

I was driving along the princes highways between Melbourne and Yarragon and I was being road raged/mstalked by 3 vw’s. One was creamy green and two werre black. It was night.

After yarragon, I decided to flee for home or was it follow the cars to moe as a voice over said that was where their base was. I responded that it would be easier to survei them. Before traf east on a side road, more like a bike path, the light car decided to play chicken. I stood my ground. The collision caused no damage. At this point I was enraged and pick up the car and started slamming it into the ground and against a fence post.

Slowly the car crumpled. It also started leaking engine oil. Once that was taken car of, I did the same to the 2x black cars.

Strewn across the road/path, they were now cats. I moved them off the path as I did not want them run over.

I proceeded to walk to mor (where my car went, I do Mott know and only post dream wonder about that). I was wearing a cross between a pridiner’s jump suit and a deep diving suit of old. As I was on the bnd in the road before the traf east hill, I heard a large semi trailer approaching from the west and was very fearful it would see me and/or leave the road and run me over – neither of which occurred.

Walking up the hill, I discovered I was wearing nothing else than my filthy oil covered suit. I was wondering if anyone would find the cars and if I’d be tracked down and charged with 7 murders. More worried about my freedom being curtailed Han anything else. It should be ok, I thought. It was self defended, I’d left no genetic residue and more interesting, at this point I realised the cats were too small to contain anyone as they were pedal car sized.

Apparently it was dry and shrubby up the hill and there were lots if car/people traffic on the highway, but not on the side road where I was. Things get fuzzy.

Dream 2:
I am in Westbury Meadows. Not far away is a house located where I used to live.it is occupied bg a lady with and old PC. Here anti virus program simmultaneously has been installed today and some time ago. Trying to emote it, she is. Blank box on screen that if click where buttons should be, program responds.

Make moves to remove program. Lady on a big pile if visions or beam bags. Starts kissing me. It’s in! I think to myself, this is a destraction, possibly to make my PC service free. Behind us there is a cross between an Indian & American Indian. Seemingly lying on the ground dead/alive and thinking at me that snogging a client is inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Dream 3:

There was a third dream I knew I should have written down at the time. Ah yes. I was walking to some training and an ASIO operative call signed me. While chatting I was not asking obviously question as that was the whole point of the conversation. I was told with my experience I’s be mainly stuck in the lab/office. That was fine with me, though I indicated I had out and about skills. It appears the training was in a bar and it was a few from work and several more ASIO employees.


Tech Support Frustrations

I was guiding someone over the phone through determining if they had activated their anti-virus software with a code. They were not following any of my instructions and were doing stuff and then asking if that was right. I was distracted and fed up.