Dreams within dreams.

Dreamed a similar dream to one in 1992 where I picked up a girl at Cape Patterson then Liz.

In this dream I awoke to discuss or record the dream. Then I woke again wanting to write the dream down.

This went on for some time.

Eventually, I awoke for real and then noted the dream.

Not quite lucid, more inception style.


Pretty Fuzzy Work Dream

I cannot recall the guts of this dream.  However it reference a dream I had some time ago where I was employed at my old work updating documentation,

An yes…at my current work, a guy a guy was demonstrating the MAS100 air sampler.  It now came in a big metal box.  He’d added a rack for petri dishes, a brush, a little stand/seat and something else.

The stand was made from wood.  I was wondering how that got past QS as no wood should ever be taken into a clean room environment.

08/02/2015 Bike racing and floating Dark City style

I’d won a B grade race at Warragul. Then in a big wide area ( concreted car park?) I decided to float 1 m off the ground.

Next I am walking along a grass path down hill. It turns out to be the same scenery as along princes Highway in Drouin towards A Heather’s led place. The hill is longer then usual. As I am going downhill, I decide to jump and flat the rest of the way to AH’s house. I glide in a fashion similar to the aliens in Dark City. A couple of course corrections are needed as I appear not to able to adjust my bearing – so my floating is different to flying.

Once I get to my destination, Jayman P is there and he is announcing the winners for a race that is about to get underway. I apparently win B grade, and I wonder why I was not promoted after my last win.

A bit of a strange one

Began as a scene from Continuum in a post apocalyptic setting. Kiera was geared up and was telling a blonde and possibly her daughter that she must leave to search for something.
Net it switches to a HUD and both K and the B have red circles around them which then have red crosses that sort of slide in/focus is the circles.

POV of “gremlin”. Gun gun. Looks like the Stausman puppet. Big ray gun. Shot hole in chest of a fat guy at top of stairs. I try shooting it with regular gun. It gets to the kitchen. I wind up with the gun. Shoot holes in counter. Shoot bigger hole in counter. Switch to max and a cat gets in the way. It explodes in a puff of fit. Gun out of power. Double adapt it into a power board as charger would not fit on gun. Not sure if killed gremlin or not as not sure if dream continued after that.