17/01/2015 – Strange political ads and an Alien reference

I was outside in the garden.  It looked like I was near a house which turned into a barn.  At the back, there were thoughts of planting a “May tree”.  I am then on the white house lawn observing a slick presidential address involving changing camera angles. Smooth wraps and other thinks like smooth tracking (camera on rail lines for sweeps – whatever that technique is called).  Barrack Obama is saying something about some impending legislation and if it is passed, “we are all boned”. The address shifts to a bad cgi image of a lady wearing a military helmet strapped to a chair falling through many levels of metal mesh flooring.  The final level she breaks through is concrete.  With the exception of the last level, all levels left a cartoon like hole.  On the wall is a level indicator 23 LH 4 (prob got that wrong).  She looks up and a media sized rock falls knocking her out (thoughts of slap stick occurred here and a feint laugh track).  A neon white blue flash on a Giger alien tail is seen before the ad ends.  My dream self was thinking the advert was very clever. Though this was an ad, it was a total immersion observation.


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