Something about being interviewed as to regarding cameras being placed in cigarette packets. I was sound bited as saying I liked to take notes and be prepared.

Some old whiskery codger was being interviewed. He was disgusting – ash on his tongue, two cigarette butts and a scrunched up tissue were in his mouth. He was saying people should be allowed to smoke. Said they should be able to drink beer and enjoy smoking in the back room as nature intended. Next a pregnant lady with three kids was at a table smoking. There was some sort of voice over. She got up to chase her kids and while being interviewed, I noticed the wall has lots of computer game boxes on it. Turns out she was being interviewed in a store. I thought her house must have been a shit hole.

Next she leaves the store and I am walking behind he and we are at some place like the Chadstone shopping centre.
I am behind her, tripping on her heels while she walks with a friend.

Next, the friend is gone and we are side by side talking. I am wearing shorts and sneakers only and am worried about being half naked and displaying my nipple piercings.

Then I am saying I need to for shopping for a shirt. The preggo lady says she may need my help with preparing (presumably for the interview), as I seemed to be good at that. I said I’d only said I liked to be prepared and had not, which is why I sounded stilted during the interview.

As she asked about if I was comfortable/annoyable, when was a flash of recollection that she was a shinier version of some really annoying, chatty lady I’d and as a FWB a few years aback.

Sort of strange dream as it shifted from an observer mode to me in the dream. The time line was all skewed but made dense in the dream.


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