26/12/2014 Worried about my vampirism

I was a vampire. Seemed to be worried about disposing of bodies and making sure some gangsters I had eaten did not turn. Needed to remove their heads.


25/12/2014 Missing kitties and the police

One of my cats has gone missing. I found him in a supermarket car park. Some distance away from home. He was just hanging out.

Next I was at my East Malvern house and both kitties were there. It was night and I was walking back to where I now lived. Mr. Cat followed me and Joy Joy decided to tag along as well, so both cats wound up being back home.

Driving to some place near Trafalgar. Pulled over by police for not speeding. Engine overheating. Hoses had come apart and were leaking water. More like windscreen hoses than radiator hoses. The copper was talking bout cycling and appeared to know me.

23/12/2014 Space expedition and then back on Earth

Dream 1

Space expedition. Cave with fungus that would turn people into Camembert. Turned one of the group’s wives into cheese a then it showed the hubby a hologram of the wife’s life and encouraged him to kill the rest of the crew so the cheese fungus could live.  Quite a long involved dream with the fungus tempting the hubby persistently.

Dream 2

Classroom/café in an Albert Street Primary School room. Liz was there. I was making eyes at her, but not talking. Morphed into a dark house with a fireplace and Jodie Brien telling me Liz R has married again and I say I did not know she’d married previously.

19/12/2014 CO3 and strange realities

When drinking CO3 mixed with water, a bright flask would transport (3 of) us into a photo. If the picture was of a real event, we would be transported there and we could affect events. If it was a drawing, we would wind up in it.

One would stay in reality, 2 would enter.

Something about supplicates (?) and <illegible> are being visible.

Something about a huge, dim, brown and gold themed church and some sort of hostage situation and a book of magic. Very long detailed dream that survived waking three times. The detail did not carry across to the waking world.

Prior to this, I was jumping characters. Two of them had been shot and one, who had a bicep wound began to piss blood from the wound. The bicep deflated and blood was everywhere and I was assisted to where I could lie down. Warm and sticky. Fear of death, but dream shifted to the CO3 story line.

Seem to have been located at derelict building.  Was discussing job prospects with former colleague Tara.  She said she would confer with Jan who had supposedly been one if our managers.

09/12/2014 “Falling Skies” but no crappy aliens

Took place in the Falling Skies universe, though no aliens.

In jungle. Mutiny. Main character eaten and skeleton put up on display.

Later, main character back. I commented that “didn’t you get eaten” and also that maybe the script writers deleted what ever happened last episode.

Next why were the street lights on if there was no power? Helicopter, fast car entering garage. Ziggurat like base, flying car (shown below).

20141209 flying car - dream

Awarded to bravery, genetics and fighting dinosaurs in coins. One female perked up at my good genetics and we wound up snogging. Then I woke.

More Falling Skies stuff with same unknown female (when fell back to sleep). Then morphed into the new Battlestar Gallactica where the hot blondes are killing each other (and also not looking identical).

I drank some orange juice after filling my glass telepathically/telekinetically (yes both) from across the room.

04/12/2014 – Strange insects a bit like termites

The ant problem was gone, now there were these insects all marching in a row that appeared to have coverings. Some were small and dome like, others were large and appeared to be made of kneedable putty. I picked one up and when it emerged from the “shell” it looked like some sort of termite.

20141204 termite thing dream
This one I thought was a queen. The shell was upside down and the insect would periodically submerge in the shell leaving only its antenna visible.