09/09/2014 Dreams of ex (again!)

At some place with creaky steps leading to a room where we sat on the floor and watched a movie on a medium sized screen.

RJ was there and towards the end she made a comment about three people and I laughed. She then said she nasty to avoid them, but got chain? We discussed what had been happening in our lives and she was very sympathetic regarding me being unemployed and looking for work.

I drank a bottle of white wine and did not get drunk.

Characters appeared to be a mix of high school and some historical works and currently cycling world.


02/09/2014 – I am not a man!

One of the guys is shot in the leg from far behind the 4wd. The shooter is not visible. I get the impression I know the shooter, possibly my husband. We decide it is best to move away and hid in the reeds. A strange plan given the reeds were no more than 40-60cm in height and not thick enough to offer much cover at all. We all head to the right of the vehicle.
At this point I wake with a huge headache.