29/12/2013 Disembodied heads attract the spider sized ants

Disembodied heads on bedside table with red oblong sores attracting ants. Heads disappear and “ant sand” all over the tables with huge soldier and guards – legs as large as huntsman spiders with head about as big as a medium sized biscuit.

Coloration light brown with spots, similar to orb weaver or huntsman spider.


03/12/2013 Not my usuals sex and held hostage

I was a female held hostage on a sailing ship with a few more people. They were going to sell us as slaves. Skew to a colonial mansion where I was trying g to beat up the two large ring leaders with no success.

01/12/2013 Failing tests as too good. Eh?

Not sure about dream 1, but the second dream I woke up half way during a job interview with the female interviewer having a hiked up skirt clearly displaying a medium sized vulva. The interview was about some sort of operation of air sampling role, but the air samplers looked like water sampling cups. I failed a written test due to completing it quickly and accurately (go figure). Interviewer was very familiar and touchy feeling and walked me to my car.