30/08/2013 Flashback to an ex

Somehow I wound up in bed with Renae. She would not let me fuck her, but there was plenty of fingering and cunnilingus. A long dream


08/08/2013 Stolen cars, churches & Monty Python style bleeding

My car was stolen when parked on side of road a few k’s out of a town where a booze bus was. I do not remember the town name.

I recollect I had parked on roadside as I was tired. I had trouble opening the window. A car passed too fast/too close and I decided it was dangerous where was. Thus, I decided to keep going. I forgot to turn on my car lights, so had to turn them on. I made it to town, but could not see the road (due to tired/foggy eyes) and I crashed.

The Next day, I stagger to a church. A car (black Mercedes) is in the front room. Its very crushed up (back front damaged, crushed roof like rolled and flipped).

I am apologetic to the priest saying I am glad glad no one was injured badly (priest was limping) or died (I assumed the drove through window into church as the window broken big enough to allow car through). I have the impression I was not sure if it was me driving the car or somone else.

As I was leaving, I jump bodies and notice the church glass front repaired. Lots of people milling around. As I (now old grey haired dude) walk off, alternate me discusses that GD does not know anyone died. Call out name of dead dude. GD stops, recognising (his) name and returns. As he walks from the road, up the driveway to church, more and more damage appears on GD. Blood soaking through his shirt on his right shoulder blade. Starts spraying blood Monty Python style. Everyone gets covered. Blood is even spurting form what looked like a heart in grass. The blood then fades from everyone, but I could still feel it and I could smell and taste it as it was being sprayed. It pooled across the road. I had the urge to strip, jump in and wash.

The church was located at the bottom of slope in street resembling one in Warnambool, but steeper.