20/04/2011 Strange dream this one

Woke after a dream where I was sucking cock via an online photo.  Also recalled numerous dreams where I’d surf the net using some strange browser looking at nude profiles.


05/04/2011 Performace reviews and biffo

I was at work and an unknown female was conducting a performance review.  Everything was good, but they wanted me to be strip searched everything I left work.  I asked if they suspected I was stealing stuff and they said they did not know.  I refused.

Next Robert P and Alan T are getting in on the action.  Rob crapped on about me not writing down the correct in and out times from me yesterday.  I responded that they were correct, or damn close (within 5 minutes).  He then crapped on about me not working a full day.  I responded that that was due to some extended activity recently.  We then got into a physical scrap consisting of pissweak hair pulling and rolling around on the floor.