17/01/2011 Chatting to a dead guy while our dogs disagreed

I was with my dog, standing at a fence looking toward a caravan where a friend resided. He was lying on his back on a table in the van, dead, but unbeknownst to me (say about 90 yes old and half mummified). His dog was barking viciously at my dog. I was conversing with dead guy saying it was best I did not make it over for dinner as our dogs were not getting along (not sure if this was actually talking to myself as my friend was not answering, or actually talking with the dead guy). Next thing, the dead guy is stretching backwards, head tipping back, mouth open in a silent scream. At this point I realised he was dead.  Not bad range of motion for a mummified long dead person.

Flash to the next scene. I wake up and somehow, the same guy’s foot is attached to mine by the sole. I somehow get to a hospital where nobody will tend to me. My foot hurts and I am worried that my blood will be poisoned by the attachment to the dead, decomposing dude’s body. I seem to have had a conversation with my father in the circular hallway about something not related to my predicament. Not long after, our feet separate (I did not experience the actual separation, just realised it had happened after the event).  All the remained was a small indentation where my foot met the dead dude’s foot.


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